Something In Review – Action Point

There is an infamous place in New Jersey, home of the Somethings, that had the nickname of Traction Park.

This amusement park was known for its bad management and injury prone nature.. and yet we all went as a right of passage.

Take that information and welcome to Action Point, a movie inspired by the world of Action Park and taken and pushed through a Jackass fueled blender.

What did the Somethings thing? Did they walk away with busted up ribs from laughter or chip a tooth from grinding their teeth in anger…. only one way to find out – check out #10 of Something In Review – ACTION POINT!

A group of people who have seemingly never met all gather together, invited by the mysterious Mr. Boddy.

What we find out from there is how much they do know about each other and what they hold over each other’s heads….

Unendingly quotable and beloved by everyone with good taste, this movie made form a boardgame should not have ever been as good as it ended up… but here we are.

So count your bullets (1+1+2+1…) and douse the flames on the side of your head, we’re giving you Something In Review #9: Clue.

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