The End – Lost

For the last of our Year Six celebrations, we are going back…. but this time, to the end.

That’s right, the Somethings are back and they are flying on an Oceanic Flight with the last episode of the show that started a thousand arguments… Lost.

But we’re not going alone, oh no no no, if we’re going to face the Smoke Monster and the strange purgatory-not-purgatory spiritual-not-spiritual culmination of the ‘is it faith or is it science or is it Memorex’ island… we got long time show friends Rick & Sarah of AwesomeTalk TV. So after you’re done here, go see their newest episode over on YouTube!

But right now.. settle in.. it’s one more number in the Valenzetti Equation.. it’s … The End: Lost.

Full Episode

Author: RevVoice

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