Episode 23 – Comic Characters

What do almost all comics have in common?  Art? Sure. Words? I guess. A mixed media artform? YES, FINE, THEY ALL HAVE LOTS IN COMMON.

The answer we were ACTUALLY going for, was characters!  Through the history of the form, there have been some memorable, and many less memorable ones – but on this episode of the SomethingCast, the boys are going to tell you their favorite characters of allllll tiiiiime.  From Speedball to Crazy Quilt… ok, fine, maybe characters a little more famous than that.

Also – make sure to listen as we reveal some of the details of our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! 

Ok here we go…

Full Episode

PS – I want to give a shoutout to H2Awesome for providing us with our end theme today! Check them out here!

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1 thought on “Episode 23 – Comic Characters

  1. You make me sad. Kinda. You weren’t waaaaaay off.

    Tatiana is Oberon’s Russian mail-order bride, whom he marries after Titania divorces him.

    But she’s not the one in the play or the comic; his first wife is. If you have trouble remembering how to pronounce her name, just remember that she’s bulletproof, nothin’ to lose, fire away, fire away. Shoot her down, but she won’t fall; she is Titania!

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