Episode 30 – Bond, James Bond Part 2

One year ago, the Somethings brought to you the first of a 35 part series – Bond, James Bond.  Well this time we’re covering Lazenby and Moore.  From the music to the gadgets to the Bond girls to the villains, the Somethings are going to shake you.. not stir you.  Wait, that makes us sound bad.  Nevermind, ignore that.  We’re going to Jaw your NickNacks…. you know what, I have nothing here, so I shall give you no Moore. …get it?   It’s the Bond episode, Part 2!

Full Episode

If you are looking for Part 1, look no further: Bond, James Bond Part 1


One last thing – The Somethings have our Halloween episode all figured out, but we thought it would be cool if we invited you to help us decide what to do in November, so – if you have a Facebook account, CLICK HERE and vote on what topic you think we should hit up next.  Thanks!

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