6 comments on “Episode 4 – The Fast & The Furious

  1. Loved episode 4, though I, too, know nothing about cars.

    I was especially entertained, however, by your tangential 3DO conversation. Ah, such sweet memories. But… how could you mention Need for Speed and Wing Commander III, and fail to bring up the third in the Holy Trilogy of Live-action cut scene games for that platform?

    I write, of course, about The Horde, featuring Kirk Cameron as Chauncey, made king’s champion by virtue of his facility with the Heimlich maneuver. Best. Game. Ever.

    I will patiently await your next episode, and trust that you’ll correct this heinous oversight. 😉

    Oh, and bring back Ms. Freefall; I like what she added to the show.

    • Memories… all alone in the moonlight…

      Glad you liked the episode! I will lay fault for omitting The Horde at my own feet, but reluctantly for I’ve never played it myself…which…probably brings with it a whole new bag of blame to be laid.

      We’ll see what we can do about getting Ms. Freefall to join us again for a future episode 🙂


  2. Great episode, seriously this made me want to watch Fast and Furious more than any of their marketing.

    Side note: I believe Perd Hapley is an actual local anchorman prior to Parks and Recreation and Fast and Furious, which I guess is why he got those roles.

    Also, shouldn’t “Gluttony” be a food truck?

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