Episode 36 – The Hatton Episode.. no, really.

This episode started as was planned. The Somethings had a list, they were ready to riff on some stuff they knew about.. and lo and behold it all changed in one fail swoop.  One of the Somethings decided that he should blindside the other Something into an entire episode about .. well .. one of the Somethings.  Apparently, a webcomic’s 10 year anniversary was enough of a reason to go all James Lipton on what should have been a podcast about dragons.  FINE. THANK YOU.  I GUESS… Geez.

Anyway – yes, this podcast focuses mostly on the life and times of one James Hatton, webcomic creator, and all around nifty guy.  You like dots? This episode has TONS of em’.

…rassum frassum good friends don’t nice things …

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2 thoughts on “Episode 36 – The Hatton Episode.. no, really.

  1. That was a very edutaining episode. One question I would have asked in light of recent events is: are you ever accosted by folks who believe in one or more of the gods you include in your storylines, accused of blasphemy or the like, told that you’re going to hell/hades/valhalla/sheol, or threatened with violence?

    Je ne suis pas Charlie. Neither am I Charlie’s Judge.

    1. No more than in jest. I’ve had a couple people immediately think I’m trying to pull the wool over their eyes and this is propaganda for SOMEONE’S side.. but every time someone catches me off guard with that, I alter my pitch just enough to deflect it if it ever comes up again.

      I’ve also gone out of my way to not do a story that bases itself in a modern religion, and that’s mostly because it isn’t the type of story I want to tell. I’ve tried being topical and relevant at times in the comic, but in the end I don’t think those are stories that stand the test versus the “This is a story, not a message” comics that I’ve done.

      I have had people who hold Norse gods in their pantheon comment that Thor isn’t a girl.. that’s about the worst of it.

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