Episode 40 – Epic Rap Battles

As nerdy types, we’ve all kind of thought to ourselves ‘So, who would win.. Hulk or Superman’ or ‘Iron Man vs. Everyone on the Titanic’ – well, a small team headed off by two massively talented rappers have taken the youtubes by storm by pitting famous characters and people from all throughout time and space against each other.  I was going to try and put a rhymey rappy introduction to this week’s episode to keep it thematic, but seriously, it would have been horrible and you would have made fun of me for it.. and you all do that enough, so just imagine this all rhymes.  Orange.

Full Episode

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Author: RevVoice

3 thoughts on “Episode 40 – Epic Rap Battles

  1. Jordan/Ali is my favorite. The funk beat is an awesome compliment to the rap and the railing-grab burns are made even burnier by the physical impressions of the real people (double dribble parkinson’s, flat-on-your-ass-like-Liston pose)

    1. there are some that have worse burns IMO, but, for sheer percentage of “lines vs ‘DAMN!’s ” Jordan/Ali might be the most concentrated lol.

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