[The Something Contest] Wave 2 Here!

Welcome to the SomethingSomethingContest.. I’m James Hatton with… … ..oh, I’m sitting alone.

Right, so here’s the rules. Take this picture that relates to our new episode and caption the hell out of it.  If you want to download it and repost it with captions, that’s fine – or if you just want to add a thingy in the comments.  Whatever you want. It’s your show baby.  This will go on until 04/24, when the boys are back in studio.  Ok, here we go….

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6 thoughts on “[The Something Contest] Wave 2 Here!

  1. Sooo… Are there standings from wave 1 or is it essentially in the blind? Here’s my entries for wave duh. (That’s almost French!)

    1) “Sorry, I wasn’t really listening. These lines of concern you see on my face are just painted on.”
    2) “What do you mean, ‘no restroom’?!?”
    3) “You know how there’s so many side effects listed that you kinda just zone out and go for it? Yeah. This is the result of living on the edge.”
    4) “Well, everyone was getting these Beats headphones soo…”
    5) “I’m sorry sir, we’re now serving number five. You need to take a ticket and stand in line like everyone else!!”
    6) There is no caption six.

  2. 1) Things seem to have taken a turn for the worse, in this promotional still from the new Mr. Clean ad campaign.

    2) “How many times did I warn you Harold, that if you kept making that face, it would stay that way?”

    3) There is no caption three. Well, I mean, there IS one in the post above, but not HERE in this one. (Hi, Chris!)

  3. “Smeg Hea…, shit, wrong show, I mean ‘something something oreos’ , yeah, that’s it.”

  4. 1) MM: And that’s what happened to the White Martians…
    2) MM: And that’s how little Martians are made.
    3) Ice: Did anyone ever tell you that you look like the guy from MASH?

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