7 comments on “Episode 41 – Bad Comic Movies

  1. The Phantom. Oh my good it hurts. I would include The Shadow, but when its on I seem to be able to stomach it enough to finish it.

    I have to agree with the Thomas Jane Punisher. I just think it was a little before its time. It tried to be real and gritty before Batman Begins made it hip.

    • I believe The Phantom marked the official ‘kiss of death’ phase of Billy Zane’s status in movies.

  2. Thanks for making yourself sad, so I didn’t have to be sad for you.

    I’m sure it was just a quick case of having misspoken as you rushed through things, but it was hilarious to imagine Lena Dunham as Circe Lannister. I think I prefer Lena Headey, thank you very much.

    Extra points for your new and entertaining pronunciation of Uruguay. I’ve heard “OOH-roo-GWHY”, and “YOUR-ugh-WAY”, and a whole lot of combos of the two, but you might be the first person in history to stress the second syllable, making it sound like the country south of, but not quite bordering, the nation that I assume you call “Pierogi”. 😉

    Tying the podcast to one of your posts above, Billy Zane was also just in a pilot for a TV show based on the Wheel of Time book series, which was made just to keep the rights in-house. The production company didn’t actually want anyone to see it (probably because they made it over the course of a weekend) so they put in on FXX or the like, without any advertisement whatsoever, at 1:30 or 2:00 a.m.. Of course, someone saw it anyway, and now the thing’s up on YouTube, with hundreds of thousands of views.

  3. I didn’t care so much for The Punisher, but when Thomas Jane taunts John Travolta with “made you kill your wife” that saved it for me, I was waiting for “na na na na na”

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