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  1. I went with characters out of other movies/TV shows that I am a fan of. So, I guess this would be a Fandom recasting for the Avengers.

    Iron Man – Malcom Reynolds
    Mostly for the thought that, in all truth, both Mal and Tony would do whatever needs to be done for what they think is right.

    Hulk – Worf
    Strong as hell, seemingly mean as a wet cat, but underneath it all, is a big softy? Check.

    Thor – The (11th) Doctor
    Both wield an incredible instrument that can be used both for creating and destroying, and come from civilizations with such advanced technology, that it seems like magic.

    Captain America – Tommy Oliver
    Potentially, the most naive of the Power Rangers (not counting the kid from Turbo), who always believes in the best in people. Plus, he’s worn two of the three required colors (White and Red).

    Hawkeye – Katniss Everdeen
    Bad ass archer. Plus, seemingly the heart of what they get involved in.

    Black Widow – Buffy
    Do I HAVE to explain this one?

    Nick Fury – Yoda
    Both know more then they tell, and you can never be sure if they are telling you even part of it. Plus, just the idea of Yoda wearing an eye patch and a trench coat…

    • Nick Yoda : The Carrier you shall bring about. South, to the water you shall take us.

      Pilot ; we’re flying blind, navigation is recallibrating after the engine failure

      Nick Yoda : Up, the sun is coming?

      Pilot : Yes Sir


      • World Security Council: Director Fury, the council has made a decision.

        Nick Yoda: Recognise, I do, the council, a decision has made. But, a stupid-ass decision, it is, and to ignore it, I have elected.

        World Security Council: It’s a nuclear missile to take out the portal!

        Nick Fury: On the island of MANHATTAN, this portal is situated!

  2. An Avenger each representing a Something Something Podcast episode, because I’m kissing up.

    Red Ahnew (pronounced Red On You) – Shaun from Shaun of the Dead (zombie episode)

    Birdboy – Walt from Lost (Lost episode)

    War Doctor – (New Who episode) because John Hurt

    Plot Armor – whatshisfuckingname from the Dan Brown books (Dan Brown episode)

    Everybody from Sucker Punch (all the episodes)

  3. so, I know I’m not eligible, but I want in on the fun too…

    Ok so, here’s my AVENGERS TEAM based off of Food Network personalities…

    Iron Man – Scott conant (seriously, have you seen how he dresses on Chopped sometimes?)

    Thor – Mario Batali

    Bruce Banner / The Hulk – Alton Brown / Robert Irvine

    Hawkeye – Kevin Brauch

    Black Widow – Cat Cora

    Nick Fury – Marc Summers

    Loki – Alton Brown (Cutthroat Kitchen version)

    • Iron Chef (Japan) Version. Most of them are just giggle factor choices.

      Iron Man – Rokusaburo Michiba
      Thor – Chen Kenichi
      Hulk – Yutaka Ishinabe
      Hawkeye – Koumei Nakamura
      Black Widow – Asako Kishi or Kazuko Hosoki (the Food Critic and the Psychic)
      Captain America – Masaharu Morimoto
      Nick Fury – Toshiro Kandagawa
      Loki – Chairman Kaga (Its the outfits)

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