Episode 54 – SomethingRiffs: Lost

In what is going to go down as their ‘Awkward Year 3 Experimental Phase’ – The Somethings are returning back to a place they vowed they would never return to.

That’s right… The Island.

Now, you might remember the last 6 Hour Rant Fest that was the Something’s Lost episode… well this time it is a bit different. The boys are sitting down with the finale of LOST and riffing on it.  So this episode isn’t one you can just sit back and let us hijack your brain – you are going to want to load up Netflix and watch the show along with us as we sit and discuss, mock, point out, ignore, and generally vent our frustrations one last time at those damned Dharma kids and their mangey Smoke Monster.

This episode is yet another in a long line of interesting things we’re trying out, and your commentary on how it went is supremely important, so please hang out with us on social media (and here!) and let us know what you think.

After this, we’re taking our favorite rant vehicle and locking it away in the hatch… so savour it, we ain’t goin’ back for a lonnnnnng time, Freckles.

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