Episode 73 – Alien Movies

The Somethings are looking up to the heavens and hoping to catch a glimpse of something interstellar.

That’s right, we’re heading to the stars and it doesn’t matter if it’s little green men, crazy overly huge spaceships, the greys, or one naked hot blonde chick.. now that the aliens are here, we are going to discuss the hell out of them.

But what are two men versus the hordes of intergalactic perils that await us?

We brought back-up.  Joining us are the boys from Alien Theorist Theorizing. If there is going to be any show out there that can help, it will be them.

What’s your favorite alien invasion – or simply your favorite alien – let us know… but do it after you have a close encounter with the Something kind.

Sometimes the remake is better than the original.

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