Episode 75 – Swerve Movies

First we introduce Podcast Rob & Hatton.

Then – you realize this whole podcast has been recorded in Spanish… BUT WAIT… then you recognize that this is a repeat… but is it?  You go scouring through the archives, BUT THEY’RE ALL DEAD! Then the zombie invasion episode merges in and you find out that they are geniuses that recorded all of their shows in 1950… BUT HOW?!

That’s not for us to explain – but the best swerve movies always do. Movies that take what you thought was going on and flip the script.  So join us as we talk about some of our favorite movies that make you go ‘Huh… wait… can we rewind?  Does that mean…. but….. OH MY!’
PS – Lookin for vinyl – Ask Hatton.
PS^2 – Looking for a neat shirt – Ask Rob.
Ok, here we go

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