2 comments on “Episode 80 – Zombie Survival Team

  1. So, I listened to the episode before posting mine, just to make sure none of my choices were said on the ‘cast. So, here’s my choices.
    TV – Hannibal Smith (The A-Team). Strategist of the highest caliber, who will make sure we get where we’re going.
    Lit – Cadderly (The Cleric Quintet). Similar to everyone’s opinions, I agree a magic user of some sort is needed. However, I figured a Cleric would be just a smidge better then a Mage. Plus, depending on the type of zombies, he could just Turn them.
    Movies – Aragorn, son of Arathorn. Again, like everyone on the show, I figure a great swordsmen would be greatly needed. Plus, weilding Andúril, he might have some advantage over Zombies, similar to the Spirits he commanded.
    Free for All – Adam Savage. The fact that he has shown he could use nothing but a palette of Duct Tape to survive, he would be the one I would want on my side to get the things we would need to follow Hannibal’s plans

  2. Dawn, you make me sad.

    John McLain is a horrible choice, because the first commandment of John McLain is “Thou shalt bleed.” In a zombie movie, that means he’ll be the first hero to be turned. 😛

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