Episode 88 – American Horror Story

With the craziness of our Patreon radio drama, we might have a little bit of horror on the mind.

The Somethings are talking one of the most interesting shows on television in American Horror Story. British style season per story direction. Old actors finding new life, and old themes finding new spins. Whether it’s fighting your way out of a hotel with doors that lead to nowhere, or hanging with the coolest Coven in the Big Easy, the Somethings have their favs.

So settle in and, as always, spoilers abound.

Ok, here we go.

Full Episode

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1 thought on “Episode 88 – American Horror Story

  1. Good discussion, Somethings.

    For me, the reason Hotel is ranked near the bottom is that there were only one or two remotely likeable characters in it, and even though some of the others had their very occasional sympathetic moments, it was almost always the consequences of their own acts- kind of a whole season of revenge porn, which is not my thing.

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