Episode 98 – Movie Confessions

Look, we all have blindspots. Maybe it’s that you really weren’t a fan of Star Wars. Maybe it’s that you think the ending of Lost is really good. These are things that sometimes you hold as a badge that you have not done something the rest of the world has.. but other times, you are aware it is a blip that you missed and you just avoid conversations around it.

So Rob & Hatton are admitting some of the big nerd movies that they’ve missed – and they ask for forgiveness.

They would forgive you ….

…unless it was about that Lost thing.

Ok, here we go!

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Author: RevVoice

1 thought on “Episode 98 – Movie Confessions

  1. Never seen Blade Runner…

    And for Back to the Future II, after the hoverboard chase scene, you aren’t missing anything.

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