Episode 107 – Unsolved Mysteries

Does that logo alone send a chill down your spine as you hear Robert Stack telling you about all the horrible crap that is going on in your neighborhood?

Well, get ready for a little preview of what’s to come for the Somethings future. Take a listen to understand what I mean about that. (hint: It relates to our Patreon) – But we’re going into the well of history and talking about some of the strangest, weirdest, and most interesting things that we still haven’t got a clue about. By we, I mean Rob & I.. you might know.. and we expect you will probably tell us where we were wrong.

Anyway, until then – settle in and get ready for a little Something Mysterious.

And as a quick note from us to you – may your Thanksgiving be festive whether it’s a turkey dinner with all the fixings or just two loudmouths in your ear. We are ever thankful for you.

Ok here we go!

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