7 comments on “Episode 11 – Sports Movies

  1. Excellent episode, I forgot all about Baseketball, excellent catch. “I don’t have your fucking ball, Reggie!”

    Major League was awesome of course, “Too high? Who gives a shit, it’s gone.” My other favorite sports comedy was Kingpin.

    I think Eight Men Out was about the 1919 White Sox, definitely before the 20s.

    Also, I think it was Cruise’s lawyer who made the soldier/actor comparison.

    Finally, Pringles was “once you pop, you can’t stop” and Lays was “bet you can’t eat just one.”

  2. Seriously?!?! You make me sad.

    Cerrano was NOT played by Avery Brooks.

    That was Dennis Haysbert, who later played the President on 24, and then was in The Unit, and who now does the Allstate insurance commercials.

    Forgiven, because you’re so right about Cutting Edge being awesome.

    Great, fun episode!

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