Episode 118 – Infinity War

First off. SPOILERS

I mean, there won’t be any in this paragraph, but in this episode – we barely get 3 minutes in before we’re all ‘Thanos killed Dumbledore’ and ‘Captain America was Bruce Willis the whole time’.  It’s like we have done our best to keep our silence to wait for this very episode!

And better than bursting with excitement, just the two of us, we brought along some friends!

We have Kristel (Twitter: @yeagerkristel) and Nicole (Twitter: @nicole4783) from Two Girls, One Mic, which you can find on the Geeks World Wide Podcast Network (thegww.com) and they hang with us and talk about our favorite moments, the moments that fell short, and nerd out over the decade it took for us to get here.

So grab your Tesseract, snap your fingers, and ok, here we go!

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