SomethingCast Episode 125 – Superhero Teams


We have a few things to talk about, and we get into it in the first ten of the episode, but maybe you read these things… do you? I never know.

Anyway, September is an important month for the Somethings.. we are now EVERY GAW’DARN WEEK! ..sort of.

Every week on your RSS Feed (or however you get your Something) you are going to get 4 “shows”
SomethingCast – Our bread and butter format of babbling incoherently about weird things we like.
Dramatic-ish Readings – A unique monologue featuring characters that weren’t in the movie you’re listening to.
Something In Review – A new review of a new or old film, revisited or discussed for the first time!
The End – Where we watch the last episode of a show.. again, sometimes without having seen anything else.

But today, you get SUPERHEROES!  More specifically, Superhero Teams. There have been hundreds of teams and line-ups of teams, and we settle in and discuss some of our favorites.  Whether you dig on Byrne’s X-Men or Giffen’s Justice League, there is likely some detail we have screwed up.

So put on your cape, because it’s time to fly…

Ok, here we go!

Full Episode

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