6 comments on “Episode 13 – Our Desert Island Albums

  1. Very cool lists from everyone. Some ideas for potential future episodes.

    1) Highlander. Either the first movie or the entire franchise.
    2) RPGs. Potentially another “list” show, with the hosts giving their top 5, or just recounting their favorite RPG stories they were part of.
    3) The Whedonverse. Buffy/Angel/Firefly/Dollhouse.
    4) Favorite Musician that few/no one has ever heard of. I know Jamie has some… interesting musical tastes, so this could be a cool way to introduce us to music that we’re unfamiliar with.

  2. Bill –

    I’m right there with you on those suggestions (even though my only knowledge of the Whedonverse is Firefly… I know… ‘bad PodcastRob’…)

    Glad you enjoyed!


  3. I love Clapton, seriously I do. And I own the Cream box set. But I gotta tell you… I usually hit skip whenever Cream comes up on random. I know… I feel shame.

    O BTW:
    “Wow… Kibbie and I….. do NOT listen to the same music!” -Mr. Hatton

    I’m still laughing about this!!!
    Kib’s got some stuff I would never have bought in a million lifetimes, but I admit tapping my foot along to most of those tunes while talking myself out of running folks off the road in the morning…

    I know… I feel shame. 😉

  4. P.S. Back when we were watching American Idol, there was a contestant we liked who picked Dirty Diana to sing, and we loved it so much we baught the American Idol version as well. IN fact, I think she lost that week, and I’m pretty sure that’s also the last time I watched Idol.

    Kib and I have a habit of really enjoying contestants that America ends up voting off early, no matter what show we pick. It’s become comical in a way, and I liken it to how restaurants always seem to remove the one dish I always order every time the menu changes. We’re basically weird, I guess, but at least we’re weird together!! 😀

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