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Episode 111 – Most Anticipated Movies of 2018

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The Somethings like themselves some movies…

But there are a couple guys who like movies even more than us – probably more than you!

That’s why when we decided to do an episode about the upcoming films of 2018, we called the men who know what’s what about film. Justin & Nick, the Epic Film Guys! This cinematic twosome have been talking the talk for around 150 episodes about good movies, bad movies, their favs, and go deep in the well on what makes a great piece of cinema.  We met them on our journey through the #PodernFamily hashtag and definitely found some similar spirits in the way they get things done.

You can check them out at their website here, their twitter, or instagram – and give them a like share & subscribe via all your podcasty softwares.

Also – please take a look at their upcoming Livestream-a-thon to raise money for the Cancer Research Institute. It’s an amazing cause, and you can bet we’ll be doing what we can to help them out.

What movies are you looking forward to – comment below  .. but first, here we go.

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Episode 103 – The Defenders w/ Tim Stevens

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Take the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. A loud-mouthed P.I. with superpowers. A bullet-proof man who swears to watch out for Harlem. And.. ..well.. Danny Rand.

Push them together and what do you get – you get us bringing back the Somethingcast’s favorite guest, Mr. Ungajje himself, Tim Stevens!

As always, when the binge-worthy Marvel World rears its color-coded head, we breakdown what’s going on – what we like – what we hate – and Tim brings up the average intelligence by knowing a lot more about the source material than either of us.

So settle in and find out if this show is worth Defending. Afterwards, head over to TimStevensIsUngajje  to find out what more is going on with our ducet-toned bestie.

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Episode 90 – Iron Fist

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As has become a tradition of the Somethingcast, we watch a lot of Netflix.

That’s not the tradition.. it’s a fact.. but it isn’t the tradition I’m speaking of.  I’m talking about when a new Marvel show appears on our queue, we call on the one and only @Ungajje himself, Tim Stevens. If you aren’t aware of Tim’s work at Marvel.com, just go.. we’ll wait.

But for a show like Iron Fist where there is so much to unpack, we needed someone to balance out our chi when it came to the martial arts featured in the show, so we also called in @KungFuDriveIn, himself, Jeof Vita. If you aren’t aware of Jeof’s podcast, Kung-Fu Drive-In, just go.. we’ll wait.

The four of us have been chosen to Defend you from what is to come next… unless you already watched Iron Fist. Then you’re beyond our help.

So spoilers abound, but no matter what… ok, here we go!

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Episode 71 – Three-Year Anniversary @ Wildpig!

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Three Years Ago….

A former podcaster, writer, and internet weirdo Rev. James was lingering in a local watering hole when he heard a voice he hadn’t heard in years. The bombastic laughter of one Mr. Podcast Rob.

Considering the idea of getting back into the podcast game, over the course of the next few times hanging out, the idea became clear.

After a meeting of the minds (or whatever it is they have in their skulls) – The SomethingCast was born.

Well join us once again as we celebrate our leather anniversary. (Yeah, it’s leather.. look it up.. don’t make anything of it) We’re back at the Something’s home away from home, Wildpig Comics in Kenilworth, NJ with store owner Chris and manager Bill talking the last year of comickiness in front of a live audience.

Also a quick shoutout to friend and regular Tim ‘Ungaije’ Stevens who wasn’t able to make it – but we’ll make sure to get him back on the line soon to be smarter than us.

And to all of you who have supported us over the years – be you friend, family, fan, podcast – thank you. We couldn’t do it without you.

Well – ok – here we go!

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Episode 69 – The Civil War Swapcast

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One side is for the establishment and assigning names to the faces of vigilantes.
One side is for the freedom to do as you wish and the want to never compromise your values.

Today on the SomethingBlackerThanPreRecordedBlackSomethingLiveCastTimesInfinity…

Ok, let me clear that up a little…..

The forces of the podcasting elite have gathered together to form a union that no villain shall be able to tear asunder. One snivvling dude from Latvia or whatever.. maybe.. but VILLAINS, I SAY NAY! This week we are sharing the spotlight with:

Join us as we go through Capt. America’s movie before the world hated him for no apparent reason. Prepare to have your brain hijacked and smash the Like button, fuck pumpkin.

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Episode 66 – Daredevil Season 2

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The Somethings have found their way back in the alleys of Hells Kitchen, and who did we find there?

Of course, we found our favorite comic genius, none other than the arid-witted Tim Stevens!

So now that the dust has settled, the guns have been stashed, and the sais are buried – we are taking on Daredevil Season 2 and a whole shitton of ninjas. So walk with us Hand in Hand in this Foggy weather to our Castle, and be prepared to be Elektrafied by this Frank discussion! (…ok, i’ll stop… …karen page…)

Ok, here we go!

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Episode 58 – Jessica Jones

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Put on your biggest smile, and join us once again as the Somethings delve into binge watching Netflix’s newest Marvel: Jessica Jones.  What started as a noir take on the superhero world has taken television by storm as a story of the seedier, darker, and downright creepier parts of what great power means when you have little responsibility.

Joining us is honorary Something, friend, and comic book genius – @Ungajje himself: Tim Stevens.

Couple things to note – this show is long. We love talking with Tim, so even when we say ‘lets wrap it up.. there’s another 2 hours.’  Also, this show is SPOILERIFFIC.  If you are 3 episodes in.. don’t listen.  Go watch them. Then listen.


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[The Something Contest] Wave 4 Here!

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You wanted it – you got it. THE WORLDS GREATEST SUPERTEAM!!!

Who are they you might ask – well they are the Avengers – and that’s up to debate really, but that’s not what we’re going for here.

We want you to take the movie Avengers.. any batch of them really? Recast them.  You’ve at least seen the Avengers, or a commercial featuring them.  So who would YOU turn into the Avengers?  We are leaving no restrictions on this, so if you want to do all the Avengers as Presidents and a short understanding of why, please do.  What if all the Avengers were all books you read once?  Go for it – leave your Avengers write-up here and your answers will go into the SomethingComputer and assess the greatest answer of them all!


Episode 42 – Daredevil

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There is a new world upon us.  A world of heroes…. not just the high flying, super-galactic, high-tech type.  There lives heroes among us on the streets.. and more importantly – on Netflix.

The Somethings have binged the newest show in the MCU and want to talk to you about it.  So first, this show is laden with spoilers – you have been warned.  From our opinions of the whole package, to our thoughts of what this means for the future of the Netflix comic shows.

This is also a first for the Somethings – we got ourselves a bonafide Daredevil expert!  We would like to thank Marvel.com contributor, comic aficionado, force of nature, ‘Woo’ington’s own TIM STEVENS.  You can find links to all of Tim’s work at his ABOUT.ME page, and follow his exploits via Twitter @Ungajje.

Ok, here we go!

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Episode 25 – The Marvel Movieverse, Pt. 2 [Live!]

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WHERE WE LAST LEFT THE SOMETHINGS – They were hanging out at WildPigComics with guests, Owner Chris Eberle, Manager & Webcomicker Bill Ellis, and Hatton’s wifey Madison talking about the Marvel Movieverse!

They discussed all the things that happened before. Phase 1. What we know. What we’ve seen. What has been etched into our collective reptillian nerd brain.  But what of things to come?  What of Phase 2 and the completely mythical and rumor-milled Phase 3!?

Join us once again for the second part of our 1 Year Anniversary Spectacular!


NOTE: As has been a theme of the first year of our show, technical difficulties always raise their pretty little heads, and there were times in the show where some microphones seemed to be at varying levels.  I’ve done my best to even out the sound so everyone is audible, but that also has increased a certain amount of ambient noise.  This will be fixed in future 1 year celebrations. – J

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