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Episode 74 – Stranger Things

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It’s time for the boys to head umop apisdn.

In another in a long string of shows that everyobody must binge watch lest they feel the wrath of the nerdy portions of the internet, Hatton and Rob are no different and have succumbed to the newest and hottest streaming thing, Stranger Things.

So join them as they find themselves stepping sideways through the rift between this world and another, bringing along a mysterious new friend who might or might not have otherworldly powers…

Reminisce about all those things that the show reminded them of and join in the conversation here or on all of our social media.  Then, stick around for some important stuff at the end of the episode about the future of the Somethings and where else you might find them these days.

PS – Lookin for vinyl – Ask Hatton.
PS^2 – Looking for a neat shirt – Ask Rob.

Ok, here we stay or here we go, now…

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Episode 67 – The 80’s Defined

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It is time for you to be properly gagged with a spoon.

This week the Somethings have picked up a hitchhiker on our way through time – Cyannide from Little Geek Lost. She has joined us for a new episode style for the Somethings.. ok, only slightly new – but a new genre of topic any way. We’re going to take down the 80’s.

From scrunchies to monchichis – we are going to talk about the Differn’t Strokes we all had when it came to the 80’s.

Those are 80’s jokes. From music to fashion to Aqua Net and back around…

Prepare to be like.. hijacked.

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Episode 51 – Favorite Music Videos

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The art of the music video isn’t forgotten. Hell, it might be just as popular as it ever was, but not where we remember it.  The Somethings are taking you on a journey to learn their favorite music videos.  These isn’t your top five music videos ever – this is the boys picking their favorites.  So put away your a-Ha t-shirt… wait, you have an a-Ha t-shirt?  How the hell did you get that?

Anyway, that’s not the point. The point is we are back – we are starting Year 3 with a few songs, some laughs, a new studio, and since you are reading this… you’re likely coming with us.

Ok, here we go!

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Episode 46 – Unfortunate Final Movies

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Somethings like some bad cinema.  We’ve made it known and we don’t apologize for it.  We like enjoying some of the bad things that movies have done.  There are a few actors out there though that did a movie, or are in a movie, or there are cutscenes spliced in of them from other movies.. and it is their final bow. Never to grace the screen again, they are left with a final acting legacy that is questionable at best and down right laughably embarrassing at worst.

This week – the Somethings take a look at Unfortunate Final Movies.

OK, here we go!

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(Thanks to contest winner Josh for this week’s titlecard!)

Episode 44 – One Hit Wonders

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We all love music.. at least the Somethings do – and for every band that goes on to sell multigazillion records, there are bands that have one song, sell some records – and fade into the oblivion.  Now, you might go ‘But I know every song that Chumbawumba did, and they’re good dammit’ – you might be right, but sadly the rest of the world thinks they lived and died with Tubthumping. (fyi: Chumbawumba rules)

So this week – The Somethings are taking on – ONE. HIT. WONDERS. OOooooooooh!

Also – we would like to announce the winner of the SOMETHINGCONTEST – And that goes to the guy who entered every week and kicked some ass at making us laugh.  That is Joshua Ungerleider who will be receiving SomethingSwag from us.  Please drop us a line Josh, somethingsomethingcast@gmail.com

Please everybody congratulate and mock Josh mercilessly in the comments.  More games are to come!  Also, thank you to CS for this week’s graphic entry for the show!

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Episode 43 – Guilty Pleasure TV

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How many times have you found yourself, maybe late at night, flipping through channels and you end up on a show you would never really admit that you watched?  Now how many of those shows have you gone back for seconds on?  Nobody in the SomethingStudio is going to judge that you know the price of everything down the meat aisle because you’ve watched Supermarket Sweep.  We can’t mock you because you have invested a notable portion of your life to seeing every episode of Cleopatra 2525.

Why?  Because we have lists just like that.

So join us won’t you and discover a wonderful world of what the Somethings do when nobody’s looking… WE MEAN TV, WEIRDOS!

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Episode 38 – The Rasslin Show

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Now coming down to the ring, hailing from the darkest pits of Uganda… they are the PODCASTING TAG TEAM CHAMPION OF NOWHERE IN PARTICULAAAAAR.

The Reverend, James The Voice – The Impressive Impressionist Podcast Rob


..and if you don’t like that, we got two words for ya:

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PS – Please don’t hesitate in checking out Hatton’s horror contest, comment on his (or other) stories to help with immunity: http://www.davidwellingtonsfearproject.com

Episode 33 – Boardgames!

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It’s a race, it’s a chase, hurry up and feed your face!

Ok, so that’s the best I can do to tie this episode to Thanksgiving.  The Somethings are coming to you with another nerd passion that has in recent years entered a golden age, board games!  Some folks stopped playing games when they were little kids, but guess what, those people are boring.  We’ve been rolling dice for a long time and we want to talk about some of our favorite old games, new games, and the universe of boardgaming that is close to our hearts.  So grab your Meeple, you’ll Boggle at the Monopoly we have! You Catan’t miss it!

Throughout the show we make mention of friends of the show, Quixotic Games and we wanted to point out their games in case you want to check them out:

From the Somethings to all of you – Happy Thanksgiving!

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Episode 28 – Spin The Wheel: DragonLance!

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Sometimes the Somethings aren’t the most prepared of all podcasts. I mean, there are some shows out there that do tons of research and preprep and all that.. well, it should be known by now that the boys sometimes are a little more ‘fly by the seat of their pants’ kinda guys.

So, this week we try something altogether new… the RANDOM WHEEL OF STUFF!

I know the title & picture kinda gives it away, but try and act surprised anyway, ok?

If there is something that brings us all together it’s our collective love of nerddom, and nothing speaks to the deep spine of that nerdyness then books about elves, warriors, barbarians, dwarves, mages, and kender going on a mission to save the world!

Two footnotes: Given its obscurity, you can find our end of show song by Pyramaze, right here.

And lastly, Hatton is trying to push a new project – a Choose your Own Adventure for adults. He’s crowdfunding it, so it won’t happen without your help!  Give it a look at DecideYourFate.net

Okay, here we go!

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Episode 27 – Console Games!

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Our parents might have suggested that video games are a passing fad, but as most of us know, they have become the premier entertainment du jour for many, and the Somethings are no different.  Over the years we have all collected unending amount of time wasting bleepblorp machines, so why not stroll down video gaming memory lane with the boys as they talk console games.

Now, you might remember we talked COIN-OPs.. and one day we’ll talk COMPUTER.. but this is all about 8 bit 16 bit 32 bit PUNCH!  From NES to PS3, and everything in between.

Console Games coming atcha!

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