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The End – Sons of Anarchy

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It’s been a few years since the Redwood Originals rode down through Charming… so it seemed like a good time to see whether the life and times of Jax Teller and his entire band of miscreants ended up where they deserved.

So settle in for some mouth-singing and questions of religious importance, as the Somethings are about to ride their hogs down that ol’ dusty trail with Sons of Anarchy for THE END.

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What’s News With You?

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A new year means NEW THINGS! So a few weeks ago, we were on Twitch trying out our newest game… what is it, you may ask.. well, there is a lot of crazy stories around the world – but we’re also some creative weirdos.

So, 10 news stories – one lie. Hatton is the newscaster, Rob is the news guesser… which is the real and which is the lie, YOU DECIDE!

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In Review: El Camino

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We gotta go back…

No no no, not to THERE… to the world of Breaking Bad. We weren’t left with many questions at the end of Walt’s journey, but we did have one big one.

…what happened to Jesse?

Not only does El Camino fill that in – but a few gaps we never thought to ask.

Does it compare with baby blue? The Somethings are here to tell you.

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Anticipated 2020 Movies

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It is a new year – and what does that mean? Tons and tons of websites with lists about what the best of 2019 was… well we’re not doing it. We’re going to start the new decade looking forward at the movies that are to come.

From the obvious to the surreal, join PCR and Hatton as they talk about some of the movies and trends that they are expecting to look forward to, or are at least hoping to not hate.

Let’s get this decade underway with the first time I get to say

Ok, here we go…

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