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A Gift From the Somethings

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Happy Holidays from the Somethings!

Ok, here we HO HO HO!

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The End – Cheers

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Don’t you sometimes want to get a way to a place where everybody knows your name?

That’s what the Somethings did this week as we take on another episode of THE END – did one of the historically beloved and remembered sitcoms hold up decades after it went off the air? How funny can dudes sitting at a bar really be?

Well hang out with PCR and Hatton, Mayday Malone, Carla, Cliff, Norm, and Woody as they talk about not just an episode, but a phenomenon in Cheers

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In Review: Scrooged

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Happy Holidays!

Sure, it’s early, but we’re taking next month off – so we gotta get it in somewhere.

And since everyone is getting themselves all stuff prepared, we decided to hit a a movie that had a strange beginning, but has found its place as a Christmas Traditional for weirdos… it is the scariest Christmas Carol ever put to film – SCROOGED! (I heard an old lady had a heart attack)

So join in the festivities as the Somethings discuss whether this was a well-received holiday tradition (like cranberries in a can) – or the kind of thing you tolerate just because it’s the holidays (like hugging the weird aunt that always smells like cat pee)

It’s time to be visited by three ghosts and two Somethings, so you best change your ways…. Scrooged!

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Mysteries of the Somethingverse – Bermuda Triangle

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Are you ready for something new?

Well you are about to get it. Hatton and PCR love a good mystery, especially one that has a range of theories… from the scientific to the plausibly strange to the outright bonkers.

Enter Mysteries of the SomethingVerse – where the boys each take a side and figure out precisely what the hell has gone on there… at the end, we have those hanging out in the chatroom decide who made the most plausible case.

For our first round, we are going after the mystical miasma that takes down ships with impunity… The Bermuda Triangle. Is it just some bad luck? Is it a Time Vortex? You make the call!

Ok, here we go!

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SciFi Books

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The Somethings love television shows and movies, but did you know that Hatton and PCR are also …. literate?

So we’re heading up into that great space station in the sky and going through the Hitchhiker’s Guide to talk about our favorite science fiction books. From space battles to samurai and every cyborg in between.

If you are looking for a suggestion for some fun futuristic reads, then this is the perfect place to go.

Also – tonight (11/05/19) at 9pm we’ll be recording an episode love on Twitch – we would love to see you there! Find us on: twitch.tv/somethingsomethingcast

Ok, here we go!

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Movie Urban Legends (Live!)

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For the first time ever, this episode was recorded LIVE on Twitch – and you can be here for next great live adventure November 5th @ 9pm – simply go to twitch.tv/somethingsomethingcast and make sure to follow us so you don’t miss out.

There are some great stories out there connected to movies… from ghosts on the set to mishaps to unintentional Easter Eggs – when the final product comes out, we get to see 2 hours of edited and poured over movies… but what goes into them is months of work… some craziness is bound to occur.

Rob and Hatton sat down and talked about some of their favorite unintentional movie mysteries so big that they became urban legends.

Ready? Ok, here we go…

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Something In Review: Peanut Butter Solution

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Listen, toooo that magic man…
and abracadabra…

There is this movie – this movie that a lot of people saw and nobody remembers it until they are told about it by someone who has been awoken. I’m sure there are a lot of movies that fit this strange Mandela Effect sort of situation, but this one is special…. well, mostly because it is a hallmark movie in Hatton’s life and that of his sister.

So she recommended we review this – what happens when nostalgia meets a complete newbie to strange Canadian Fantasy Drama.

This is the strange and mysterious tale, featuring Celine Dion and Tigh Saul from BSG… it’s the only answer you can solve with hair…


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The End – Kindred

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Time again for us to skip the years of backstory, the forum posts, the rumor mills, and just go straight… to The End

On this week’s episode, given the spookiness of the month, we delve into a forgotten Tori Spelling vehicle that combines the politics of a 90s Fox show with a gutted version of an RPG classic.

Trenchcoats abound, and we’re pretty sure we’re your Sire now — if you didn’t know this show existed, we wouldn’t be surprised as it had less than a dozen episodes – it is the vampiest of vampies – it’s KINDRED: THE EMBRACED

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Dramatic-ish Readings: Young Frankenstein

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The culture has reached the spooky season, bringing us another esteemed and fancy episode of Dramaticish Readings.

This month, a moose has concocted a plan to bring his family legacy to life, quite literally… while the henchman who has also been in the family for a few generations perhaps got stuff a bit wrong… also he is a meatball.

Find out what happens when lightning strikes on this Dramaticish Reading: Young Frankenstein Edition

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Favorite Horror

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It’s SomethingSpooky as we head into October!

To start us off on our month of haunting spectaculars is heading back to the well of horror. We’ve talked franchises, we’ve talked villains, we’ve talked horror battle royale – but we’ve never out and out just talked about our favorite horror movies.

So this week, Podcast Rob and Hatton are grabbing their masks, their machetes, their chainsaws, and their sexy sexy costumes and getting ready to spend an hour jawing about their favorite scary flicks.

Ok, here we go!

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