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Livestream For The Cure – Nerd War!

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A couple of weeks ago, if you’ve been listening to the bumpers for the last two months – you would know we were given a slot on Livestream For The Cure. Four days of podcasts to donate money to The Cancer Research Institute.

During that hour Podcast Rob and Hatton discussed their ‘Hero vs Villain’ team – where each person got to add one monkey wrench…

We thought if you happened to have missed the stream, you shouldn’t miss the fun. So please, settle in and listen to the boys do good – and if you want to do good, you can head over to https://www.cancerresearch.org/ and make a donation.

Thanks to the Epic Film Guys for hosting this amazing event and we look forward to being a part of it again next year.

Ok, here we go!

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Endgame Predictions

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A quick bit of upkeep – you may have noticed that episodes no longer have an ‘Episode #’ – well that’s because Apple has been asking people to put the kibosh on that, lest you lose any sort of ranking you may have had.

So now you can find the episode number in the text, right here: Episode 133 – If I find out that this is wrong, they’ll come back.

So now to the meat and potatoes of every single part of the world of movies, summer blockbusters, comics, and all of your nerdy friends. ENDGAME!

The Somethings settle in and start talking about what has happened – what is coming – and if we could have our way, what we would want to come next….

So settle in kids, it’s time to completely be wrong about a 3 hour movie.

Also, please check out Livestream For The Cure on May 17th – 19th – great people with a great cause. We’ll be on Saturday, May 18th from 9:30pm-10pm, but we encourage you to check out all the great shows and segments streaming that weekend!

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Episode 129 – Stan Lee

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A couple of weeks ago, the world lost a legend in not just comics, but in entertainment. So much of our entertainment world in the last twenty years has been painted with the colors that Stan Lee helped create that it is impossible to think of a world that never had him.

So join the Somethings as we pay tribute to a man who didn’t just get us to Make Mine Marvel, but gave us our No Prize and made us all True Believers.

Thank you Stan – James & Rob

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Something In Review #3 – Thor: Ragnarok

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Heading to a moment in the Marvelverse we seem to have neglected!

That’s right, it’s Something In Review with the 3rd and strangest installment of the Thor franchise – RAGNAROK!

So get in the fight on Planet Hulk and get ready as you face off against Marvel’s hottest villain yet…. ok here we go!

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Somethingcast 127 – The Batman Show

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Na na na na na na na na Na na na na na na na na Something!

We are the podcast that flaps in the night… we are the soothing sound of justice in your ears – and for our 5th week of October, we are taking to the Gotham skies and talking a little bit about a man that I’ve never seen in the same room as that weird Alfred the Butler guy that follows around Wayne… perhaps they are the same man?

Comics, Television, Video Games, and Movies – we talk down all things Bat and our favorites over the years.

Have a Happy Halloween!

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SomethingCast Episode 125 – Superhero Teams

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We have a few things to talk about, and we get into it in the first ten of the episode, but maybe you read these things… do you? I never know.

Anyway, September is an important month for the Somethings.. we are now EVERY GAW’DARN WEEK! ..sort of.

Every week on your RSS Feed (or however you get your Something) you are going to get 4 “shows”
SomethingCast – Our bread and butter format of babbling incoherently about weird things we like.
Dramatic-ish Readings – A unique monologue featuring characters that weren’t in the movie you’re listening to.
Something In Review – A new review of a new or old film, revisited or discussed for the first time!
The End – Where we watch the last episode of a show.. again, sometimes without having seen anything else.

But today, you get SUPERHEROES!  More specifically, Superhero Teams. There have been hundreds of teams and line-ups of teams, and we settle in and discuss some of our favorites.  Whether you dig on Byrne’s X-Men or Giffen’s Justice League, there is likely some detail we have screwed up.

So put on your cape, because it’s time to fly…

Ok, here we go!

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120 – Deadpool 2 & Major Show Update

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It was inevitable… them making a Deadpool 2. So join the Somethings as they sit and breakdown the Merc With A Mouth’s Second Attempt At Greatness!

And where that’s the bulk of the episode, there is a lot more to talk about.

This episode, for the foreseeable, is the last for Podcast Rob. As you’ll hear as the bookends to our discussion about Deadpool, sometimes you just need to shuffle some things up to make life work, and for now, the show has to go. I (this is Hatton by the way) wish him nothing but the best. I hope once his world settles down, he’ll come back around, if I have a microphone, there will always be a second one waiting for him.

With that said, at the time of this recording, Rob’s father was hospitalized due to a constant battle with cancer. Since the recording of this episode, his father has passed. On behalf of Rob and his sister, I’ve set up this GoFundMe account to help them keep their head above water through these hard times.  If you can, please help out.

Now – with all that said…
Here we go!

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Episode 118 – Infinity War

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First off. SPOILERS

I mean, there won’t be any in this paragraph, but in this episode – we barely get 3 minutes in before we’re all ‘Thanos killed Dumbledore’ and ‘Captain America was Bruce Willis the whole time’.  It’s like we have done our best to keep our silence to wait for this very episode!

And better than bursting with excitement, just the two of us, we brought along some friends!

We have Kristel (Twitter: @yeagerkristel) and Nicole (Twitter: @nicole4783) from Two Girls, One Mic, which you can find on the Geeks World Wide Podcast Network (thegww.com) and they hang with us and talk about our favorite moments, the moments that fell short, and nerd out over the decade it took for us to get here.

So grab your Tesseract, snap your fingers, and ok, here we go!

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Episode 117 – The MCU Countdown

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Ten years in the making culminates this week.

So what are the Somethings going to do? They’re going to breakdown the entirety of the MCU into easily digestible chunks and rate every movie that has lead up to the Infinity War!

Who made it into Hatton and Rob’s top 3? Well, you are about to find out. So get your bling’d out glove, and lets Assemble.

But before we do, go check out Hatton’s debut novel, TRIO, available on Amazon Kindle.

And, more importantly, be sure to check out the Epic Film Guys, Livestream For The Cure Help them fight raise awareness and money to help fight cancer.

With all that said… let’s get to ranking!

Ok, here we go!

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Episode 115 – Jessica Jones S2

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Oh Jessica…

You seem to be doing ok. You’re taking some anger management courses. The agency is doing ok. You have an associate in Malcolm.  What could go wrong?

Probably a bad question in Hells Kitchen, eh?

That’s right, the Somethings are back tackling the hard drinking hard hitting purple fearing badass bitch of the Netflix MU, and we tell you what we think from top to bottom. Did we love it? Did we hate it? There’s only one way to find out. Smile and click below.

Two quick asides.  The first, we want to congratulate our sponsor Quixotic Games  for selling out of the first printing of Dungeon Alliance. Here’s to a hundred more.
Second, at the beginning of the episode there are a couple of words about our friends the Epic Film Guys. Please, check out their Livestream For The Cure on May 18-20th.

Now though… time to go!

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