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March’s 5th Week Something Free-For-All

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Normally months only have 4 Tuesdays – that’s sort of what we base our schedule on. You get a regular episode, a Wheel episode, a Review episode, and then an End episode… so what are we supposed to do when there is 5 in a month?!

Well if you have been listening to us for the long haul, you know the answer is ‘whatever the hell we want’

It’s time for a Something Free-For-All — which of course means PCR and Hatton pop on and just talk about what’s up. No big answers revealed, no mysteries solved, simply the guys you listen to talk every week – talking about what they’re up to. Does it sound exciting — oh, it should.

Ok, here we go!

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[Throwback] Free For All!

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It’s the last of the Throwback episodes before we are back on the mic and doing what we do in 2021.

Since December is a five Something month, we decided to give you another episode from the archives that features this very thing. We talk about the show from 2019, so you’ll see how much we wanted to do and how little we’ve, in fact, done.

Last time in the DeLorean, Marty… strap in and Happy New Year!

Ok, here we go!

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Free-For-All: Isolation Edition

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Have you checked out Livestream For The Cure yet? You should.

It’s the fifth week of the month – so you know what that means?

Do you? If you do, please … tell us…

For us, it meant that we went live on Twitch on St. Paddy’s Day and talked about how we’re dealing with the world we’re living in at the moment. From the shows we’re enjoying, the games we’re playing, and honestly how we’re keeping sane… it’s a Free For All on this week’s Something while we get ready for two weeks upcoming of great interviews!

Please note – there may be a sync issue at one point in the episode. It clears up later. I may have missed a spot – Hatton

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Free-For-All – NJ Oddities

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It’s the extra week of the month, so it is time for us to add a little something extra to the mix.

Have you missed Hatton? It’s ok to admit only a little.. well he is back this week to celebrate the most favoritiest place of the Something’s world… New Jersey.

From the mysteries to the outrageous to the legendary – NJ has a lot of stories going on. In the top 20% for population and bottom 10% for size – we are a dense locale filled with a little bit of everything.

So hang out with the Somethings as we tell you what Exit you can stick it, gnaw on some pork roll from Central NJ (that last one just got a couple people really ticked off) – and discuss NJ ODDITIES.

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Episode 130 – Free For All

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On occasion, there are months that have a few extra weeks… sometimes up to 5! This just happens to be one of these months, and since our New Year Party got lost in the shuffle of hard drives, we had the time to put together a little hang out party of just two – myself and Rob, relaxing, chatting about the show and catching up on a bunch of topics.

So settle down with us on this extra week of January, grab yourself some pretzels and see what happens when we forgo a topic to just do what two friends with microphones do.

Thanks and we’ll see you next week!

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Episode 108 – The 2017 IJOV Christmas Party

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It is a yearly Something Tradition – the IJOV.NET Somethingcast Christmas Party!

So get yourself some rum-laden nog, light the fire, and do what everyone does during the beginning of the season of giving. Put on headphones and listen to your friends prattle on about holidays and the year that has passed while you get black-out loaded.

Joining on our festive occasion is Toner from the Nyrdcast. We have Eric from Two-Legged-Tie (currently on hiatus). Lastly, we have the newest IJOV posse, Rich & Shannon from Married Marks.

And before we get to the episode, two things for you.. good news and bad news.
The bad news is that this is our last episode for the year. As always, we take our break for Christmas, so it is a perfect time to go back and go grab the episode you missed and use it to fill the Something-Shaped hole in your heart.

The good news is that we are starting our Patreon this month, so no better time to get in, hear the beginnings of our new radio drama and our new micro-show which is going to be a little something about history.

But for now… thank you for being here and we can’t wait to get back in the studio.

Happy Holidays.

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Episode 83 – Christmas Party!

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♫ Oh you better watch out..
You better not cry…
You better listen to this episode
Or not.. whatever, I’m not your HR Rep 

Joining us from the IJOV – we have Marcus from Deadpan Fury, we have Eric from Two-Legged Tie, and we have Tony from Nyrdcast – and we decide to have ourselves a little Christmas Party.  What goes on from there is… well.. I would love to say it is an episode about our favorite Christmas memories and shows and movies, but it isn’t… it’s almost better.  It’s a bunch of idiots getting together and spreading some holiday buffoonery.

So enjoy everyone – and from Rob & Hatton, have a happy holidays.

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