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Episode 129 – Stan Lee

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A couple of weeks ago, the world lost a legend in not just comics, but in entertainment. So much of our entertainment world in the last twenty years has been painted with the colors that Stan Lee helped create that it is impossible to think of a world that never had him.

So join the Somethings as we pay tribute to a man who didn’t just get us to Make Mine Marvel, but gave us our No Prize and made us all True Believers.

Thank you Stan – James & Rob

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SomethingCast Episode 126 – Burt Reynolds

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When you think about the great stars of film, certain names will appear depending what your ‘era’ is.

For those who love big action, big country, big ramblin’ adventures through the raucous movies of the 70’s and 80’s, the name Burt Reynolds is sure to be one of the names that pops up.  Whether he was driving a truck on a route that they say can’t be done or making a long bomb down the field, Reynolds was a cinema great in an era when action movies were just finding their footing.

As we’re sure you are aware, last month the world lost Burt Reynolds, and there is a Bandit sized hole left by the former mayor of Steelport.

So hang out with us while we talk about some of our favorite memories of Burt.

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Episode 26 – Robin Williams

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So Hatton & Rob were damned if they did and damned if they didn’t.  With a show ready to be recorded this week, they saw the sad news of the passing of comedy legend Robin Williams.  So what are two moderately amusing podcasters to do?  Wait a few weeks to do their tribute show and reopen the wound or do the show and fearfully ponder if they’ll get hit with the curse of ‘Too Soon’?

So they took their brand new logo, and threw caution to the wind, talking about their five favorite Robin movies.  They also spoke in the 3rd person for some reason.

Welcome to Year 2 of The SomethingSomethingCast.

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Episode 16 – Harold Ramis

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So for the first time in the Somethingcast’s long and sordid catalog, we take a look on the career of Harold Ramis, whom the world was sad to have lost this passed year.  It is easy to say and recognize that without the work and stylings of Mr. Ramis, we would have a lot less funny things to talk about.

Share and enjoy! (Since you’re asking, that’s a Multiplicity joke)

Ok, here we go…

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