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Something In Review: The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T

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Well – we now have a record for ‘The Oldest Movie’ that we have ever reviewed in The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T – which is a movie that was put together by noneother than Dr. Seuss… and it shows a couple of things:

  • With a good name behind it, you can make anything!
  • There’s a reason Seuss only did cartoon movies in his later years

A weird collection of acid trip fever dreams, pulls from other more famous movies, but a LOT of interesting stage and set design and one amazing song… Dr T is a thing we saw, and you should too.. just to say you did.

So join us and the Aquabats (No, they’re not on the show) as we talk Dr. T and what it all really means.

Ok, here we go!

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Something In Review: Children of the Corn

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If there is one sect of the movieverse we don’t touch on a lot – it is horror. That’s not because we don’t love horror.. Hatton has spent most of this quarantine binge watching Shudder – so we’re going to do our best to change that a little bit moving forward.

Enter Children of the Corn: Part 1, with an eventual desire to do all of the other parts. Is this classic horror movie worth a cob? We get into that and a whole lot more about things completely unrelated to Children and Corn….

And – after the episode is over, be sure to stick around as CHAPTER 4 of STORIES TO AMAZE starts right after that!

Ok, here we go!

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In Review: Rise of the Skywalkers

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Have you checked out Livestream For The Cure yet? You should.

It’s time to return to head on back to a long time ago and take a trip to a galaxy not nearby at all….

That’s right – the Somethings, always present and ready with the cutting edge commentary – are ready to talk Star Wars. If you are a Wars’y type, you likely have your opinion on whether Abrams & The Mouse nailed it, missed it, or middled it… but now you get to find out how much you disagree with two other guys on the internet!

So gather your Sith Powers (or Jedi Powers, I guess…) and get ready to boldly go where every other podcast has gone before already! It’s time to review The Rise of Skywalker! (..or is it The Skywalkers?) ..it doesn’t matter. (..and stick around, the end has a treat)

Ok, here we go!

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Something In Review: Treasures From the Wreck of …

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Mark your calendars: Livestream For The Cure, May 28th – 31st.

We’re heading out into deep seas this month for a “documentary” with a twist.. also a title so long it doesn’t fit in the title bar.

This journey is one of art, one of curiosity, and it is a divisive piece of cinema. If you don’t know anything about it – we get in there, so you’ve been warned this is a spoiler of an episode, perhaps more than usual.

That said – join PC Rob, Hatton, and Edmund Fitzgerald as we go spelunking deep into the abyss.

Ok, here we go…

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Something In Review: Peanut Butter Solution

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Listen, toooo that magic man…
and abracadabra…

There is this movie – this movie that a lot of people saw and nobody remembers it until they are told about it by someone who has been awoken. I’m sure there are a lot of movies that fit this strange Mandela Effect sort of situation, but this one is special…. well, mostly because it is a hallmark movie in Hatton’s life and that of his sister.

So she recommended we review this – what happens when nostalgia meets a complete newbie to strange Canadian Fantasy Drama.

This is the strange and mysterious tale, featuring Celine Dion and Tigh Saul from BSG… it’s the only answer you can solve with hair…


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Something In Review – I Am Mother

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So I’m GLaD, I got burned
Think of all the things we learned
for the…

Fire up your Portal Gun, and settle in with your Companion Cube, it is time for Netflix’s post-something-er-another future with a robot that really will remind you of GLaDOS. She’s not, but … well, you’ll see.

So what happens when a robot raises a child. Doesn’t it take a village? Shouldn’t it at least take like.. two robots? We’re not against single-robot families, we were just surprised is all.

Settle in and find out on this episode of Something In Review, where we talk about I Am Mother.

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Something In Review – The Great Hack

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Haaaack The Plaaannetttt

Ok, not really. You see, we are getting a lot of stuff for free these days. Need to know the weather? Sure! Want to play a silly little Facebook game? Ok! Want to see a photo of you as a bunny or an older bunny? Why not!?

Truth is – you are paying – we all are… and something as silly as online surveys and photo filters may have much bigger repercussions than you ever thought.

We’re talking the documentary The Great Hack, the story of Cambridge Analytics and how they may have created the political landscape we’re living in…. wow, that was so much more serious than our usual entries.

Don’t worry, we still make the same stupid jokes on Something In Review: The Great Hack

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Episode 131 – Bandersnatch

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You wake up and go about your day as you normally do. You get dressed and ready, have a minimal breakfast, and head into work. Given the boredom of your day, you decide to see what podcasts have been updated. Your eyes grow wide with glee seeing that your favorite podcast has a new episode!

You decide you’ll save that for later, first you are going to listen to the Somethings talk about Netflix’s Black Mirror’s Choose Your Own Adventure movie, Bandersnatch.

Do you click the episode button?

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Do you decide instead to listen to your actual favorite podcast?

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Dramatic-ish Readings 1: Princess Bride

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And we now welcome you to the first episode of Dramatic-ish Readings.

Short – to the point.
The Dread Pirate Scooby faces off against Vizzini Walken and only one shall survive.

Put on your finest smoking jacket, and join us while we continue to hunt for the six-fingered-man.

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Episode 113 – The Cloverfield Paradox

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It was the night of the biggest sports game in the country. Millions upon millions watched the one team go and defeat the other one. There was a bird one and a soldier one or something like that. Anyway, a commercial popped up informing everyone that right after the ball was done being foot’d, Netflix was going to take over millions of living rooms with the third in the Cloverfield Series.

So with social media abuzz over it, of course the Somethings watched it and have opinions!

So how was it? What was it? How does it relate? Did JJ Abrams give us another Super 8, or another Lost?

Joining us this week to talk all things Clover are old Something Friends, Katie Cullen (@kiaxet) & Megan Salinas (@themenguin) from both AfterBuzz TV and their horror podcast, Silver Screams (@silver_screams) which you can find on Youtube!

So strap in to the first big viral sensation of the year and see how it ranks.

Also – don’t forget about our new sponsor: Quixotic Games and their new game Dungeon Alliance, available for order at your local gaming spot.

Ok here we go!

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