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Podcast Rob reviews “BomBARDed”!

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Hey there Somethings!

If you’ve listened to our show (and… who hasn’t?) you know we’re fans of Bonnie Gordon and Xander Jeanneret, collectively known as “The Library Bards” (/jazzhands). Well, they’ve recently had the release of their second album “BomBARDed”, a follow up to their debut album “Bardcore”, and let me tell you.. this is an amazing and worthy follow up.

I grew up on the likes of “Wierd” Al and Doctor Demento, so for me, when it comes to parody songs, the bar is rather high, and I’m pleased to say “BomBARDed” delivers. One of the key things for me that makes a great parody song is the mixing of the parody lyrics into the original lyrics, and nothing is a better example of this than “Princess Bride”. The way Bonnie and Xander tell the story of the story while mixing the parody lyrics to those of “Mr. Brightside” feels not only flawless but natural.

Being a child of 80’s music, I also enjoyed the focus on music from that era. Using song such as AC/DC’s “TNT” and Styx’s “Come Sail Away” as the basis of “DnD” and “Come Fly Away” respectively really brought me back. “BomBARDed” also does an amazing job of touching a number of different (and overlapping) fandoms. Browncoat? Check (“Come Fly Away”). Trekkie? Done. (“Klingon”) Gamer? In to Comics? Want to clone dinosaurs? Check (“DnD”), check (“Comics Fan”) and check (“Welcome to Jurassic Park”). If you’re a sci-fi and/or pop culture fan, this album has something, and most likely multiple somethings, for you.

Not only do Bonnie and Xander show their musical ranges in styles and harmonies (I LOVE the way they growl out “DnD”, and their inter-song banter is amazingly spot on), but the music supplied by Bonecage and Sam Johnides does masterful job of staying amazingly true to the classics while adding enough of their own flourishes to make them fresh and original.

If you like great music, witty pop culture references and supporting independent artists, do yourself a favor and check out this album!

“BomBARDed” can be found at www.librarybards.bandcamp.com and at www.librarybards.com.

Follow The Library Bards on Twitter (@librarybards), Instagram (instagram.com/librarybards), Facebook (facebook.com/LibraryBards) and can also be found on Apple Music and YouTube


Somethingcast 128 – Wrestling Themes

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What makes a superstar in professional?  Is it a huge finisher?  Is it the best tagline?

Well one of the things that is always memorable is a good old fashioned kick-ass theme song.

So the boys are going back in the ring to discuss themselves a little rasslin, but in this episode – it’s all about the music that makes the performer.

So if it comes crashing down and it hurts inside… you gotta take a stand, and ok, here we go!

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Episode 96 – Theme Song Challenge (w/ Kyle from This Is Important)

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We all like ourselves a little bit of television.

We also like ourselves the earworms that lodge into your head for 30 minutes and beyond. So Hatton’s taken a few. Rob’s taken a few. And they are going head to head to find out who has the best line-up.

And a battle as important as this needs an important guest. So we got our friend and co-host of ‘THIS IS IMPORTANT‘, Kyle!

If you are looking to find other interesting and random things match up, be sure to check-out Steve & Kyle’s show, and get updates on their Twitter

For now though – find out who won the THEME MUSIC CHALLENGE!

Full Episode

Review: The Library Bards’ Bardcore by PodcastRob

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I have to admit, I’m a bit of a fanboy, and I’m a firm believer in amazing art comes from amazing people.

A little background.

I caught a little show called “The Quest”. In doing some research about the show, I stumbled upon contact info for one miss Bonnie Gordon. Blindly reaching out to her to tell her I quickly became a fan of the show and had been rooting for her, I fully expected things to end there. What I shock I got when I received a reply a few days later.

We booked her as a guest on our “Reality Show” episode, and she said she’d bring Xander along too since he was on “King of the Nerds” and that they’d Skype us with some time from a con they were at in Houston.

That, and an over 3 hour conversation with two of the most genuine and friendly people you’d ever meet, became the start of something special for us.

Through their hard work and non-stop con schedule, along with a healthy dose of raw talent, the Library Bards started to blow up (as the kids say) We had the honor of meeting them in person at Anime Fan Fest NJ in 2016 and catching their concert live, so when they launched a Kickstarter for their first studio album, we had to help them make it a reality.

I can safely say, it’s fantastic.

Are they a comedy parody band? Yes. Do they take themselves too seriously? No. But by no stretch does that mean they don’t give it their all this whole album. From the soulful tone in “Black and Red” to the growling refrains in “Now You Have The Bridge Spock” Bonnie’s voice has a great range of intensity while never losing herself to the mimic of the parody. And Xander’s harmonies are airy yet solid while his own verses in songs such as “Accio” and “Regeneration” prove he’s not just a pretty face who can do harmonies, but a great vocalist in his own right.

Beyond the quality of the voices, the lyrics are slick and witty and never feel forced for the sake of the parody or the rhyme. It’s easy to see why this duo’s star is on the rise.

You can find “Bardcore” on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon and wherever else you download your music from.
You can find The Library Bards on Twitter @LibraryBards, Youtube and Facebook at /librarybards, find their merch at dftba.com/libratybards and at librarybards.com

If you’re a fan of all things funny, nerdy, geeky and awesome, do yourself a favor and get this album!

If you’re looking to hear us talk to the Bards, take a listen to Episode 52 right here!

Episode 72 – Cover Songs (w. Ice and the Face & CS Swampfox)

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Sometimes the remake is better than the original.

Hell, we’re better than all of the podcasts we regularly steal from. (This is not true (probably)).

But when it comes to music, there are great musicians and there are great songs. Sometimes great musicians are known for songs that they didn’t write, but for music that they fundamentally made their own. Whether that is through style, vocal quality, tone, or a thousand other factors – but seriously, who doesn’t love a well put together cover song.

So we got a couple of folks who know a little SomethingSomething about music and asked them to join us this week.

First is a guy that you have heard a thousand times, yet never got a chance to listen to – the man who wrote the Something Theme – CS Swampfox!

Second is two of our friends from NJ and #PodernFamily – it’s Rick & Sara from AwesomeTalk.TV – aka Ice & The Face (and Life With Lyme)!

**And if you dig this week’s end song – be sure to click on The World Is Not Enough**

So whether it’s a new wave hit, a heavy metal remake, or a dirge made dirgier… ok, here we go!

Full Episode

Episode 52 – The Library Bards!

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Welcome back Somethings.. or perhaps you are new to this whole thing.  Thanks for showing up.

What originally started out as a show about reality shows has spiraled into SomethingMadness by gettingthe fantastic opportunity to spend some time with The Library Bards!

Who are they intrepid Something Listeners?  Well they are the nerdy singing duo of Bonnie Gordon and Xander Jeanneret!  How do they relate to reality shows?  Well Xander was on Season 2 of the TBS show King of the Nerds and Bonnie was on the first season of The Quest.  Do you see how this went?  No? Not yet? Fine. We explain it better during the show.

We want to thank the Bards for taking time out of their convention schedule to hang online with us and we look forward to everything they do next.

For more on them, you can find them on: YOUTUBE!, TWITTER!, FACEBOOK!, and of course ITUNES!

Ok – here we go!

Full Episode

Episode 51 – Favorite Music Videos

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The art of the music video isn’t forgotten. Hell, it might be just as popular as it ever was, but not where we remember it.  The Somethings are taking you on a journey to learn their favorite music videos.  These isn’t your top five music videos ever – this is the boys picking their favorites.  So put away your a-Ha t-shirt… wait, you have an a-Ha t-shirt?  How the hell did you get that?

Anyway, that’s not the point. The point is we are back – we are starting Year 3 with a few songs, some laughs, a new studio, and since you are reading this… you’re likely coming with us.

Ok, here we go!

Full Episode

Episode 47 – Guilty Pleasure Music

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Ok look.. we’re not sorry.

We’re alone, in the house, we have the radio on and all of a sudden a song comes on – and what do the Somethings do?  The Somethings sing where angels fear to hum.  You know you have some song that makes you bop your head while the rest of the world snickers under their breath as to why you know the words.

The Somethings know the words.  They’ll sing with you without judgement… ok, not much judgement.

Enjoy some guilty pleasures with us – ok, here we go!

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Episode 44 – One Hit Wonders

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We all love music.. at least the Somethings do – and for every band that goes on to sell multigazillion records, there are bands that have one song, sell some records – and fade into the oblivion.  Now, you might go ‘But I know every song that Chumbawumba did, and they’re good dammit’ – you might be right, but sadly the rest of the world thinks they lived and died with Tubthumping. (fyi: Chumbawumba rules)

So this week – The Somethings are taking on – ONE. HIT. WONDERS. OOooooooooh!

Also – we would like to announce the winner of the SOMETHINGCONTEST – And that goes to the guy who entered every week and kicked some ass at making us laugh.  That is Joshua Ungerleider who will be receiving SomethingSwag from us.  Please drop us a line Josh, somethingsomethingcast@gmail.com

Please everybody congratulate and mock Josh mercilessly in the comments.  More games are to come!  Also, thank you to CS for this week’s graphic entry for the show!

Full Episode

Episode 40 – Epic Rap Battles

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As nerdy types, we’ve all kind of thought to ourselves ‘So, who would win.. Hulk or Superman’ or ‘Iron Man vs. Everyone on the Titanic’ – well, a small team headed off by two massively talented rappers have taken the youtubes by storm by pitting famous characters and people from all throughout time and space against each other.  I was going to try and put a rhymey rappy introduction to this week’s episode to keep it thematic, but seriously, it would have been horrible and you would have made fun of me for it.. and you all do that enough, so just imagine this all rhymes.  Orange.

Full Episode

And if you want to listen to all the Epic Rap Battles – find them HERE!

If you want all the info on the SOMETHINGCONTEST! Click Here!

PS – Please keep in on Hatton’s horror contest, comment and chat: http://www.davidwellingtonsfearproject.com