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What’s News With You?

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A new year means NEW THINGS! So a few weeks ago, we were on Twitch trying out our newest game… what is it, you may ask.. well, there is a lot of crazy stories around the world – but we’re also some creative weirdos.

So, 10 news stories – one lie. Hatton is the newscaster, Rob is the news guesser… which is the real and which is the lie, YOU DECIDE!

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Episode 109 – 2017 Darwin Awards

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Happy New Year!

First, lets get the important stuff out of the way.

We’re starting the year with a contest!  This is what you gotta go do if you haven’t – go subscribe to our show via iTunes. Go leave a review. Send a screenshot to us via twitter (@STSTCast) – be entered for a chance at a Visa gift card.

Then, while you do that, you can do your best to avoid falling poodles and soda machines.. because we’re hitting the power of the internet and talking about this past years Darwin Award Winners.  If you’ve never heard of the Darwin Awards, it is an unofficial award given to those that have taken themselves out of the gene pool.  People who generally hurt themselves in hysterically self-inflected and dumb ways voted on by the internet.

The last year has some doozies.. and we’re here to tell you about them.

So lets start the year right… by laughing at others misery.

Ok, here we go!

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