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Episode 44 – One Hit Wonders

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We all love music.. at least the Somethings do – and for every band that goes on to sell multigazillion records, there are bands that have one song, sell some records – and fade into the oblivion.  Now, you might go ‘But I know every song that Chumbawumba did, and they’re good dammit’ – you might be right, but sadly the rest of the world thinks they lived and died with Tubthumping. (fyi: Chumbawumba rules)

So this week – The Somethings are taking on – ONE. HIT. WONDERS. OOooooooooh!

Also – we would like to announce the winner of the SOMETHINGCONTEST – And that goes to the guy who entered every week and kicked some ass at making us laugh.  That is Joshua Ungerleider who will be receiving SomethingSwag from us.  Please drop us a line Josh,

Please everybody congratulate and mock Josh mercilessly in the comments.  More games are to come!  Also, thank you to CS for this week’s graphic entry for the show!

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Episode 43 – Guilty Pleasure TV

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How many times have you found yourself, maybe late at night, flipping through channels and you end up on a show you would never really admit that you watched?  Now how many of those shows have you gone back for seconds on?  Nobody in the SomethingStudio is going to judge that you know the price of everything down the meat aisle because you’ve watched Supermarket Sweep.  We can’t mock you because you have invested a notable portion of your life to seeing every episode of Cleopatra 2525.

Why?  Because we have lists just like that.

So join us won’t you and discover a wonderful world of what the Somethings do when nobody’s looking… WE MEAN TV, WEIRDOS!

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[The Something Contest] Wave 4 Here!

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You wanted it – you got it. THE WORLDS GREATEST SUPERTEAM!!!

Who are they you might ask – well they are the Avengers – and that’s up to debate really, but that’s not what we’re going for here.

We want you to take the movie Avengers.. any batch of them really? Recast them.  You’ve at least seen the Avengers, or a commercial featuring them.  So who would YOU turn into the Avengers?  We are leaving no restrictions on this, so if you want to do all the Avengers as Presidents and a short understanding of why, please do.  What if all the Avengers were all books you read once?  Go for it – leave your Avengers write-up here and your answers will go into the SomethingComputer and assess the greatest answer of them all!


Episode 42 – Daredevil

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There is a new world upon us.  A world of heroes…. not just the high flying, super-galactic, high-tech type.  There lives heroes among us on the streets.. and more importantly – on Netflix.

The Somethings have binged the newest show in the MCU and want to talk to you about it.  So first, this show is laden with spoilers – you have been warned.  From our opinions of the whole package, to our thoughts of what this means for the future of the Netflix comic shows.

This is also a first for the Somethings – we got ourselves a bonafide Daredevil expert!  We would like to thank contributor, comic aficionado, force of nature, ‘Woo’ington’s own TIM STEVENS.  You can find links to all of Tim’s work at his ABOUT.ME page, and follow his exploits via Twitter @Ungajje.

Ok, here we go!

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[The Something Contest] Wave 3 Here!

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After hanging out with the chubby Martian Manhunter – it is time to take a journey back to the island… dammit.

So we ask you, our faithful listeners, in less than 1000 words. (And by less than 1000, remember. 25 is also less than 1000) Give us an answer to one of the great mysteries of the island.  Pick any one you want.  From smoke monsters, to polar bears, to the fact that Kate REALLY wasn’t that freckly.

Answer a grand question and your selection will be given points towards SOMETHINGSWAG.

Where do you put your answers.. ANOTHER MYSTERY… no?  Right.. put them in the comments of THIS VERY POST!

Episode 41 – Bad Comic Movies

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We’re all nerds here.  I think.  I’d hope.  Unless you like listening to shows about stuff you hate… which is a weird fetish, but we don’t judge.

Anyway, over the years we’ve all seen comic films we like.  There are tons nowadays, and where our opinions may not always match on what the best are – a lot of us will agree on what the worst is.  There are a fine selection of horrible comic films to pick for what are the worst, which is why Rob & Hatton have gotten together and discussed it… and in this episode you’ll not only hear about new information for the SomethingContest (find the link here) – you will also listen and be amazed about a comic movie you might not have been aware of! Hatton wasn’t…  seriously!

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[The Something Contest] Wave 2 Here!

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Welcome to the SomethingSomethingContest.. I’m James Hatton with… … ..oh, I’m sitting alone.

Right, so here’s the rules. Take this picture that relates to our new episode and caption the hell out of it.  If you want to download it and repost it with captions, that’s fine – or if you just want to add a thingy in the comments.  Whatever you want. It’s your show baby.  This will go on until 04/24, when the boys are back in studio.  Ok, here we go….

Episode 40 – Epic Rap Battles

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As nerdy types, we’ve all kind of thought to ourselves ‘So, who would win.. Hulk or Superman’ or ‘Iron Man vs. Everyone on the Titanic’ – well, a small team headed off by two massively talented rappers have taken the youtubes by storm by pitting famous characters and people from all throughout time and space against each other.  I was going to try and put a rhymey rappy introduction to this week’s episode to keep it thematic, but seriously, it would have been horrible and you would have made fun of me for it.. and you all do that enough, so just imagine this all rhymes.  Orange.

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And if you want to listen to all the Epic Rap Battles – find them HERE!

If you want all the info on the SOMETHINGCONTEST! Click Here!

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Episode 39 – Whedonverse Pt. 1 – Firefly

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Take my Somethin’ , Take My Cast, Tell me that it’s comin’ back…

Yeah, you can’t take the Cast from me…. that barely works, but we’re going with it because we are back with our first episode out in the ‘Verse.. specifically the Whedonverse, focussing on those kinda bad guys doin’ kinda bad stuff for all the good reasons.  The troupe from the Firefly Class Serenity.  So join us won’t you as we take a trip to the back rim and find out what we love about the lil’ western out in space that nobody thought could do a gorram thing.

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Episode 38 – The Rasslin Show

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Now coming down to the ring, hailing from the darkest pits of Uganda… they are the PODCASTING TAG TEAM CHAMPION OF NOWHERE IN PARTICULAAAAAR.

The Reverend, James The Voice – The Impressive Impressionist Podcast Rob


..and if you don’t like that, we got two words for ya:

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