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Mysteries of the Somethingverse – Chemtrails

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Ok, here we go again…

This week on Mysteries of the Somethingverse – we have taken another hotbutton topic and we break it down with one taking the pro and the other taking the con.

This week it is all about those white lines that crisscross the skyways of the world – are they Contrails? Are they Chemtrails? Are they good for us, bad for us, somewhere in between?

There is only one place to dip into the unknown and find out…. and that’s the Somethingverse. We recorded this live on Twitch (which you should go subscribe to, by the way) – and now its here for you…

Ok here we go!

(PS: Stick around at the end)

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Mysteries of the Somethingverse – Bermuda Triangle

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Are you ready for something new?

Well you are about to get it. Hatton and PCR love a good mystery, especially one that has a range of theories… from the scientific to the plausibly strange to the outright bonkers.

Enter Mysteries of the SomethingVerse – where the boys each take a side and figure out precisely what the hell has gone on there… at the end, we have those hanging out in the chatroom decide who made the most plausible case.

For our first round, we are going after the mystical miasma that takes down ships with impunity… The Bermuda Triangle. Is it just some bad luck? Is it a Time Vortex? You make the call!

Ok, here we go!

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