Week 5 Free-For-All, Nov 2022

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Sometimes there are 5 Tuesdays in a month, so on those glorious days, you get an extra Somethingcast! Now, the boys don’t really plan for this to happen. They don’t write the calendar, blame the Gregorians, so who the heck is going to expect them to plan something?

Thus, the Free For All episode was born.

This time, however, there is one particular piece of entertainment that slipped passed the Something’s security, and they want to talk about it before everyone has forgotten about it.

So settle in, because we’re going to Haddonfield.

Ok, here we go!

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[BLOG] ThankSomething

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This is the last ‘official’ blog before we go on our usual December hiatus, and we’ll usually put up a Seasons Greetings card or something before the year is out, but the way the dates fell left it to me. Rob gave his thanks two weeks ago to all of you, and I think it goes without saying that I also thank each and every one of you for sticking with us over the years.  This summer marks a Decade of Something, which isn’t our official title for it.. but that’s what I’m voting for.

Anyway, the past year, Rob and I revisited some topics, we tried out another ‘Meta’ episode where there was something else going on while we talked, we reviewed a surprising number of horror movies, and tried to figure out what shows make ‘The End’ work, because it is Rob has a closer finger on the pulse of what makes a good choice there. (Behind the curtain, notoriously my picks get listened to the least) We are in a constant conversation about what we can do and what we may want to do and it is so fantastic to have a partner in this that, unless there is a damn good reason not to do something, is willing to live by improv rules and ‘Yes, and…’ with me.

So, to keep this brief, thank you all for being part of the journey. As someone who has always tried to have some outward facing creative thing going on, it’s because there is amazing, uncut, pure, columbian-grade seratonin that runs through your blood when someone tells you that you made them snort with laughter or made them so pissed off about how wrong you are they needed to charge in and correct you even though you still stand by that Gremlins 2 isn’t a good movie even if it is for a good reason.

Thanks for being part of the ride and watch this space for some extra episodes coming soon.

To you and yours, sláinte. We’ll see you at the Christmas Party.

[THE END] Westworld

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What started as a single season of television that people will probably rank as ‘one of the best’ for a long time. Twists. Brilliant acting choices. One of the coolest scores in tv. Robots. Cowboys. Robot Cowboys…. ends where?

Does it end in a satisfying place where the tethers that have been left from the first episodes are tied together in a bow and bring the whole of the arc to a satisfying conclusion? Does HBO give up on the show because the ratings have tanked? Does any of it make any sense at all? Is there any brilliance to pull from it at all?

These answers and more as the Somethings take on The End: Westworld

Ok, here we don’t see anything at all…

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[BLOG] Wrapping up 2022 and beyond

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Hey all, PCR here!

We’re closing in on the end of yet another year and, as always, I wanted to thank you.  Those who listen, those who buy our merch, those who became Patrons.. if it wasn’t for you all, James and I would just be two guys talking to each other.

As in years past, we’ll be taking December off for the holidays, but we’ll still have content!  While we’ll be putting a pause on our Patreon content and billing as well as our blogs, we are compiling our favorite episodes of 2022!

Every Tuesday and Friday, we’re going to re-release one of our favorites from the past year and.. who knows.. we might even drop something new along the way, and.. if you’re looking for some swag, we’ll have some new shirts up before the Holidays as well!

It’s been a great year for us, and we’re looking to do even bigger and better things for 2023!


[THE WHEEL] The Mystery of Oak Island

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When you were a kid, did you imagine that there was buried treasure out there, and with a shovel and a dream, you would dig on the beaches and one day find it?

Well, two multi-millionaires are doing just that, and apparently they’ve turned it into a multi-season reality show that Hatton’s only just hearing about. The Wheel though, the Wheel knows, and it brings the mysterious Oak Island to the forefront of the Somethings as they delve into the Mysteries of the Somethingverse yet again, with The Mystery of Oak Island

Ok, here we yo ho ho!

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[BLOG] A Little Something About Gaming Genres

I had written about half of a blog about a bunch of video games, but you know what – I’ve done that a lot. So, just to sum up ‘Hatton plays a lot of video games’. There, there you go.

So what will we discuss instead? How about how annoyed I am at video games…

More to the point, I am regularly annoyed at the genres companies put on their games, because they are almost always deeply flawed. My problem is one that has existed for almost as long as gaming has, and that is the definition of genres.

First, I should say, that it is really easy to fall into the ‘super snobby niche’ issues you used to see a lot in music. ‘We’re a doom thrash ice metal blendcore band, but we don’t get into any of the vapor house thunder pudding, that shit’s lame’ You see, when you get into that sort of nerdery, you are saying words that everyone hears as ‘..so you play metal?’

I’m talking about how every game is now every genre to assure when you search for that genre… every game appears. Want a puzzle game? Elden Ring has boxes on crates and hidden keys! PUZZLE! Rogue-like? Well, the new COD features 4 different kinds of bullets that appear randomly.. ROGUE-LIKE! Roleplaying game? In Gotham Knights, you are playing the role of Nightwing! ROLEPLAYING! Need a special skill to get one area? METROIDVANIA!

It’s infuriating and it makes trying to find something new and interesting impossible.

And sadly, there is no way to put this genie back in the bottle without getting into that super niche snobbery, “Yes, I too am a fan of open world voxel non-narrative survival craft games.” and “Single screen retro arcade platform action bubble bouncing dragon games.” But, it would be nice if gaming companies would just put the big definer up front instead of assuming all of their games are all things for all people.

So, until that gets fixed, I’ll be over here enjoying my Tunic a game that is not Souls-Like, and is a love letter to Zelda… so obviously, a Metroidvania game. (It’s also brilliant and you should play it)


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I’d like to think if you know the Somethings, you knew this was coming eventually. We mentioned it a month or two ago, because the minute Hatton saw this movie.. he knew one thing.. he needed to make Rob see it.

Why? Well, have you seen it? If you haven’t – stop reading – go watch it – then come back. Now you know why, and I’m sorry I made you do that.  M. Night returns to the world of film with a movie that is less twist and more twit.  So hop on in our mid-size-sedan and find out what happens on this Something In Review: Old Edition

Ok, here we…  what is it we do… oh, that’s right.. Go!

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[BLOG] Games PCR is looking forward to!

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Hey Somethings!

A few weeks ago, Hatton posted some games still to come in 2022 that he’s looking forward to and, although my ‘wish list’ goes beyond the end of the calendar year, here’s a list of games I’m really chomping at the bit to get when they release…

Need For Speed : Unbound

We’re going big right out of the gate.  While some of the NFS games feel like they never get out of second gear, I’ve always been a sucker for them.. and with Unbound hitting on Dec. 2nd, I won’t have to rev the engine too much longer.  Cell-shaded graphics, comic book-like overlays and effects, Criterion.. my clutch foot is tingling with anticipation.


Sons of the Forest






The original “The Forest” game was one of the most fun AND terrifying games I’ve played in recent memory, and the ending is setting the bar high for what the sequel will bring.  It’s been pushed back until Feb ’23, but based on how awesome the first one was, I’m willing to have patience to get this one in my games library.


Bloodlines 2





The OG Bloodlines was brilliant IMO.  It gave you the feel of the TTRPG which, for an atmospheric game world like VtM with it’s many and varied Clans, is no small task.. so when Bloodlines 2 was announced, I was over the moon.  I had tried Bloodhunt (a VtM licensed Battle Royale game) but it didn’t feed the beast in the way I hoped.  With Bloodlines 2 “still in development” after a much postponed 2021 release date, I just hope I don’t end up in torpor before the release.


Warhammer 40k MMO






A pipe dream, I know.. but for YEARS (ever since I stopped playing WoW after Mists of Pandaria..) I’ve been praying… Praying to the Emperor of Man, Khorne, Kaela Mensha Khaine… I didn’t care WHO brought me one.. but I wanted one.  And no, I’m not talking about ‘Eternal Crusade’ or ‘Dark Millennium’.  A GOOD,  FUN, well  thought  out  MMO.  Is  that  too  much  to  ask?  I  guess  so…


What games are YOU looking forward to?  Hit us up on our socials and let us know!



Modern Movie Batmans – Ranked

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Are you a Keaton fan? What about a Clooney fan? Do you like your Gotham neon and campy or dark and totally not Chicago?

Well, the Somethings know a bit about Martha’s Baby Boy and they are going to settle in and discuss who the best Bat that ever donned the cowl.  Let’s be clear, some of their decisions may surprise you… and each other.

So, Mr. Wayne, sit near the fire and enjoy the warmth as the Somethings watch the world burn.

Ok, BIFF here we KA-POW! go!

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[BLOG] Hatton Provides Some Internet Treats!

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I was talking with a friend of mine the other day, and as we were talking about some of the cool things on the internet we’ve found, I realized that there may just be some folks out there that aren’t aware of the trove of weird crap that’s out there.  Now, I understand, those of us of a certain internet vintage are aware – but as we’ve all sort of fallen into the world of social media or Discord, it’s easy to forget that there is an entire universe of just cool crap out on the internet – out there and collected for our use!

So I thought I’d give you a few places you may have never visited, or possibly forgot existed.  Enjoy!

OLD TIMEY RADIO – Let me start with this one, because it is legitimately one of my favorite things on the internet. Back pre-television, radio programs and dramas were the talk of the town. Gunsmoke, Dimension X, General Hospital, the Outer Limits, Sherlock Holmes.. and legitimately hundreds more. Collected and curated, of course some are lost to the history of time, but I spent months just enjoying some of the precursors to modern entertainment – doubly fantastic because of how inappropriate the ads are!  Seriously, a must-check-out.

WORDLE CLONES – Yes.. we all got addicted to Wordle and because of it, we made some dude a millionaire. Go us.  Did you know there are like a gazillion games like this now?  Some are amazing. Some are impossible. Some are stupid. I’ve tried more of them than I care to admit.

WORLD CAMS – Sometimes, you just want to watch another part of the world. Specifically, sometimes I want to have a live-stream of cats on my screen.  Before there was Twitch, before there was MFC, you could just sit and relax and watch the zoo from your desk… and you still can, and it is wonderful.

GEOCITIES – Did you know you can download all of Geocities?  Like.. the whole thing. The place where people built their own website on their own street to talk about how much they loved that one character from HollyOaks, and it is a Torrent file that is shockingly small at 600 or so Gigs.  (A lot of that is because people hotlinked images instead of saving them, so there are ALOT of dead links) — but if you don’t want to have a piece of old internet real estate, you can go visit people that have put the archive of, I repeat, THE WHOLE GEOCITIES.

And lastly…

There are some parts of the internet, the old backwoods of the internet, that are still there.  Zombo.com is still live, and welcome to it. He-Man is still singing 4-Non-Blondes. JODI, one of the strangest websites I’ve ever spent a significant amount of time on – is still live, I still have no idea what it is. NotPron, a game that is, in fact, not pron – is a puzzle game that still gets updates!

Where do you still go visit online? Any cool secrets you’ve found? Let us know in all the usual places.