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Something In Review #2 – The Lost Boys

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Now that the shine has worn off the new Something Products(tm), it’s time to get into it.

It’s Halloween time, so what better for us to go back and look at, but a classic 80’s vampire flick – arguably the trend setter for thousands of club kids on Something In Review.

So get your grease up your saxophonist, garlic, carve your crosses, and if you are feeling Froggy, you probably should leap. (Get it… because the Cory? …nevermind)

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Something In Review #1 – The Last Jedi

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Here we are with another brand spank’n new Episode One. …for Episode 7… which is sort of Episode 2 of Trilogy 3… it gets confusing.

Anyway, it’s time for Something In Review, another new feature where we review something we haven’t before, maybe a little older, maybe a little newer. The fact is that it’s something that we’ve both seen and want to talk about. Please check out our Twitter for polls about what’s coming next!

This month, it’s the most divisive episode of Star Wars yet: The Last Jedi. We know you have an opinion on it, and so do we.  So settle in and let’s get forced…..  that’s a horrible tagline.

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