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[5th WHEEL] Lost Boys

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With the last Tuesday, a spooky 5th Tuesday, we interrupt our normal ‘Whatever the hell we do on the extra week’ and replace it with a NEW thing we do on the extra week, but we replace THAT with something that’s much more Halloweeny since this also is that day so really it’s sort of just an In Review week, but under a different name, but … ARE YOU SCARED?!

So let’s go to a small boardwalk town where kids are kids and they are thirsty … for blood….. and Chinese Food!

That’s right, we’re discussing your goth ex-girlfriend’s favorite movie, Lost Boys. Does it stand the test of time or is it just a Frog in Vamp clothing.

Find out on The Fifth Wheel – Not Really – In Review – Sorta – Halloweeny Lost Boys!

Ok, we’re confused!

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Have you ever seen patterns where there weren’t any?  Have you ever found some truth in the noise and were certain you could change the world? What if you also were a wacky scientist who can only act by breathing heavy?  Oh, and also the world might be ending.. maybe..

So, none of these questions are impossible in the world of Knowing or KNOW1NG if you pay attention to the advertisements, a Nic Cage vehicle that can’t help but zig zag across the map all higgildy-piggildy and lets you hang along for the ride.

Settle in as the Somethings dissect a movie that sits somewhere between 2012 and an Asylum version of 2012.

Ok, here we go… (but read in a Nic Cage voice)

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[SOMETHING IN REVIEW] Antman & The Wasp: Quantumania

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♫ Antman, Antman,
Does whatever an Ant can..

Is he strong? Listen bud,
we don’t care, it’s Paul Rudd
We watched, and reviewed the Antman ♫

I apologize, there is no feasible way I was concocting a rhyme for the word Quantumania. I’m sorry I’ve disappointed you. Check out our review Antman & the Wasp: Quantumania

Ok, here we go.. but, smaller..

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Our Favorite Stephen King Movies

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Sometimes you get a crazed number one fan.. sometimes you get the Green Goblin car.  Either way, you’re in for a weird day.

The boys gathered together to discuss their favorite Stephen King movies, and along the way some of their least favorite. We assure you, the end of this episode does not include random aliens, so it’s at least as good as half of King’s work.

But settle in, we’re goin to Maine!

Ok, here we go Georgie, BEEP BEEP!

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Every now and then, a movie comes out that’s “Based On Actual Events”.  “The Courier” comes to mind, as does “Eight Men Out” and “Schindler’s List”.  Well, now that list of movies must share the stage with the tale of a 500 lb bear that goes on a coke bender.  This week, Hatton and Podcast Rob head to Georgia to take on “Cocaine Bear” in this episode of “Something In Review”!

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Do you like scary movies? 

Obviously one half of the Somethings loves a scary scare. The other has more reserved tastes when it comes to scare factors… not to say they don’t enjoy horror, but it wouldn’t be their fastest, furiousest pick (if ya get what I mean).

So what did they think of last year’s Scream relaunch? Does it do Sydney & friends justice, or should Ghostface hang up the mask for good?

Find out now on Something In Review: Scream 5

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First, this review is about the Real American Doll Furby, M3gan. We both watched it and have opinions on it. Was it good? Is she the next Chucky? Does she have feelings? Do we care?

Second, this episode takes a dark turn, much like the previously mentioned ‘Malibu Knife Wielding Barbie’ that is M3gan. So, where yes, you may have strong opinions about this movie for some reason, so do the Somethings… and they have strong opinions about your strong opinions.

So lets settle in to Something In Review: M3gan

Ok, Google, Here we go…

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[SOMETHING IN REVIEW] Thor: Love & Thunder (w/ Erik Hall)

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Thor – Master of Thunder. Wielder of Mjolnir. Rider of Slephnir. Master of 80s Glam Metal?

Well, the Somethings are back, and we have friend of the show Erik Hall with us as we take a look at our loosest ‘Love’ episode of the month. Did Marvel’s favorite Norse God wield his trilogy with a hammer or did we have to run across the rainbow bridge to get away.

And if you enjoyed Erik, you can find him on Simply SCAdian 

Find out our thoughts on Thor: Love & Thunder

Ok, here we go’din!

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This entry is brought in by Patron Doug – Thanks Doug!

Three people get their lives intertwined and shenanigans ensue. Those shenanigans involve big money crimes, and pleasant interactions with bank tellers, and a love triangle that completely and totally makes a ton of sense and solidifies this as one of the cinema relationship greats.

That’s right, we’re talking about the movie poster you’ve seen that one time, starring John McClain, Slingblade, and …wait, is that right?  Cate Blanchette? Yup, that Cate Blanchette.

We’re talking Bandits!  Okay, here we go!

And if YOU want to know how to give us stuff to talk about, all while getting your Something early, uncut and unedited… head over to our Patreon to find out how!

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I’d like to think if you know the Somethings, you knew this was coming eventually. We mentioned it a month or two ago, because the minute Hatton saw this movie.. he knew one thing.. he needed to make Rob see it.

Why? Well, have you seen it? If you haven’t – stop reading – go watch it – then come back. Now you know why, and I’m sorry I made you do that.  M. Night returns to the world of film with a movie that is less twist and more twit.  So hop on in our mid-size-sedan and find out what happens on this Something In Review: Old Edition

Ok, here we…  what is it we do… oh, that’s right.. Go!

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