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Something Year X – Science Fiction!

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We did it. We hit 10 Years.

A decade of Movies. Listicles. Bad impressions. Mysteries. Special Guests.

And yet somehow, in all of that, we’ve never talked directly about Science Fiction movies… like… what? How is that? It’s weird, isn’t it? Like it feels like a big miss. We looked through the episodes and – nope – no sci-fi.  So we did it. Seemed like a great way to celebrate ten years.

This episode is broken down a little different. Mostly because I included the Patreon stuff to let you all know that we are, for now, closing down the Patreon. We thank those that joined in on it, but to put our energies into other things, some of which you’ll hear during the show, we needed to trim somewhere.  Please note – if you are Patreon Member, your payment was cancelled for July, but we wanted to make sure you got to hear the ‘full unedit’ cut of the episode.

So, thank you all for being with us for these last ten years, and lets start the next 10 right.

Ready?  Well ok, here we go… to SPACE!

Full Episode

[BLOG] New Year, New Me (erm… Us)!

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Hey Somethings, PCR here (again!)

Hatton is still unwinding from his time away and coming to terms with the fact that “The Last Day Of Your Vacation Is Literally Hell On Earth”, so this week’s blog is once again from me, myself and I (those of you old enough… you’re welcome for the earworm).

With next year being our Month-Long Podiversary, I wanted to tease some changes we’re going to be rolling out!

Let’s start at the beginning!

The first episode of any given month has been, and will continue to be, our “Podcast Episode” as we call it behind the scenes (catchy name, right!?).  This is our episode where we get to primarily do things like our “List” shows and such.  It’s what we started out doing, and while we’ve seen other format shows come and go, this one will stay pretty much the same.

Second and Third weeks are pretty interchangeable depending on our recording schedule, but typically, second episode of the month has been our “Something In Review” and will remain so.  We’ve never been a “cutting edge info” podcast, so expect to see some more ‘classic’ type movies mixed in.

Third week is “The Wheel”, a favorite of ours and a chance to flex things and get crazy.  We’ll be adding some different topics to the wheel, so don’t be surprised to hear some former shows make a return, and some current show types get added!

Last week of the month was typically our slot for “The End” where we’d just discuss the final episode of a TV show.  We’ll be adding that to “The Wheel” and, going forward, pulling a 180 and trying out a new show called “In The Beginning” where.. you guessed it, we’ll be only discussing show pilots.  We’re excited for it, and we’ll see how it rolls!

Months with a 5th week will continue to be our ‘Free For All’ shows as they have been in the past.

Looking forward to kicking off our 10 Year Podiversary!  See you there!