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[BLOG] April 2nd episode and the future of The Something Something ‘Cast

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Hey there Somethings, PCR here!

So, hopefully by now, you’ve listened to our “Shows that Went Too Long” episode, and you might be saying to yourself, “Self, those wacky scamps ended their show with an April Fools joke on April SECOND!  Will their comedy genius never cease??”

Well, I am here to assure you dear listeners, it was not an April Fools joke.

“Look at their commitment to their craft!  Doubling down on a ‘day-later-joke’ FOUR DAYS LATER!”

It’s not a joke.

“Only someone making a joke like that would say so…”

It’s not a joke.

If you would have told us back in July of 2013 when we started this wacky journey in Casa de Hatton 1.0, sitting in his living room, using a direct input mic and one fed into an old mixing board with the 4th XLR cable we rummaged out of a box of cables because the first 3 went bad and a hum behind the audio track that we didn’t find out for at LEAST 10 episodes that it was picking up the fan from his printer that we would still be doing this show 11 years later… well.. honestly.. I don’t know what we would have thought….   but here we are.

It has been an absolute blast, and because of this show, we have met and spoken to people we otherwise never would have had the opportunity to.  We have been able to do things and go places we otherwise wouldn’t have had the chance to, and that is something that can never be forgotten or taken away.

Our last episode will be July 30th, so there’s still plenty of Something to be had still.

That being said, James and I are entertainment whores, and we can’t NOT create things so… if I were a betting man (and I’m not), I’d likely wager that you’ll run into us again down the road somewhere doing something else.

Until then…  enjoy the upcoming episodes.  Go back and catch up on our back catalogue.  Let us know your favorite episode or bit, and buckle up, cause we’ve still got plenty of great stuff coming along!


[BLOG] What PCR’s been watching!

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Hey Somethings, PCR here!

Been digging into some new TV and video stuffs lately, here’s a taste!










I honestly started watching this because of all of the ‘shorts’ videos I was seeing from it on Facebook and Instagram.  I was not disappointed.  The acting is great, and the visuals are stunning.  If you haven’t seen it yet, I recommend checking it out.

Wayward Pines








Not sure if it’s the “M. Night” part of it, the Matt Dillon part of it, or the fact that I’m one episode in and just do NOT give a shit about anyone in it or anything that’s happening.. but this one is going to be a rough slog.


Make Some Noise/Game Changer









College Humor is now Dropout (with it’s own subscription channel…) but you can find plenty of episodes/clips on Youtube.  It’s improv/game show/hilarity, and I’ve become addicted.  Sam Reich is the perfect foil, and watching folks like Brennan Lee Mulligan get psychologically tortured trying to figure out how best to earn points.. well.. you have to see for yourselves.

How about you Somethings?  What have YOU been watching lately?  Hit us on the socials and let us know!

Watch this space!  Major announcement coming in April!



[BLOG] Big Matt talks about auditioning!

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Hello Somethings, Big Matt here…

A quick take on auditioning for … anything.

So, I sit here and write this blog in between doing auditions for audio book narrations on ACX. There is something fun in this process, but it’s hard place to get to sometimes. The process is basically this: go to ACX, find a few books that you are a fit for, do a recording (your take on the audition script), edit it and process it, and then upload it. Each audition takes about 15 – 20 minutes or so, editing included, and then you wait.

Some responses come within a couple days, but most just sit there. They sit there, and you sit there… just waiting. I have had auditions sit for months before getting a rejection or acceptance.

The process can seem daunting, depressing, etc, but I try to put a good mental spin on it. I look at each one, each audition, as a chance to get to play in the skin of another character, telling another story, being somewhere else. Each audition is another chance to play, and the chance of getting work off of that play time puts it all in a much better perspective.

So, all in all, it really does seem to be all about how you look at these things. Each audition can be a trial, or a chance to play.

[BLOG] PCR ranks his top 5 Doritos flavors!

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Hey there Somethings!  PCR back on his blog ish (as the kids say)

Now, I’m not much into snacks anymore, but when I was, Doritos were my jam.  They’ve come a long way since I was a kid, and there are now a ton of flavors… some good.. some, well.. not so much.  Now, I haven’t tried them all, but from the ones I have, these are my top 5!


5 – Cool Ranch










The first I remember that wasn’t “Doritos Flavored”.  It was different for it’s time, and it’s become ‘classic enough’ that it gets a spot on my list.


4 – Flamin’ Hot Limon










Not gonna lie, I love the combo of spicy and sweet/tart.  There’s enough heat here to make them spicy for sure, but not ‘hot for hot’s sake’.. there’s great flavor there too.


3 – Flamin’ Hot Cool Ranch










While original Cool Ranch managed to crack my Top 5, the Flamin’ Hot version is on another level.  Like Limon but without the tang, the FH versions have a flavor to go with their kick.


2 – Nacho Cheese










The OG.  Still a go-to without a doubt.  When multiple bags are bought for a party or to stock up, there is at least one of these that comes along.


1 – Spicy Sweet Chili











The top of the heap, the current champion… these are the best of the best.  Hot, sweet, spicy, tangy…  if they ever got rid of every other flavor and just called these “Doritos”, I would not at all be mad.

What about you Somethings?  What are YOUR top flavors?  Hit us on the socials and let us know!


[BLOG] PCR talks about The Demise of Physical Media

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Hey Somethings, Podcast Rob here…
There’s been a disturbing trend as of late of physical media. Going away. From retailers no longer carrying DVDs, to the video game industry openly embracing cloud gaming and downloadable games, it seems like the days of physically owning your gaming and movie content are going by the wayside.  Personally, I’ve never been a quote” collector… Sure. I’ve owned DVDs, but never with the intent. Purpose of collecting them. As far as gaming goes, whenever I had my consoles, I never had more than two to three games per console… Mostly due to cost…. And now that I’m a PC gamer, all of my games are downloadable. Anyway, either steam or epic games or Xbox Game pass.
That said, it’s fairly disturbing to hear. Video game companies say that gamers are going to have to get used to buying games but not really owning them. When a company can just turn off access to a game that you’ve paid 50, 60, $70 or more for, that just sounds unconscionable.  I can understand paying a monthly fee to Netflix or Max or Paramount Plus and one month the streaming service says well. We’re no longer carrying this movie. But for a company to say this thing that you have explicitly bought access to you no longer have access to just seems like theft.

[BLOG] PCR’s further thoughts on ‘Fringe’

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Hey Somethings, PCR here!

This past Tuesday, we dropped an episode of “In the Beginning” talking about the pilot episode of Fringe (here if you haven’t listened yet…), and, one of the things we ask ourselves is.. does the pilot do enough to make you want to watch more?

Well, I’m 2 episodes into Season 3 so far and, I’m glad I continued.

While it felt a bit odd that they dropped some story angles (The Pattern) and some characters seem to had some minor look and personality tweaks from S1 to S2 (Peter…), I’m enjoying the journey this show is taking.

One constant I can speak on, who.. for my money.. has become THE glue to this show and absolutely chews up EVERY scene they’re in, is John Noble as Walter Bishop (and Walternate in some seasons).  The depth of emotion he can portray is absolutely astounding… and the fact he gets to show another facet when he plays Walternate speaks even more volumes to his skill.  Again, I’ve just started S3 and he is legitimately the best actor on this entire show, and it’s not even close.  That’s not to say the other actors are slouches, but Noble is such a jump above the others it’s palpable.

I’m looking forward to seeing where the show goes from here, but I’m glad we got this fan suggestion to do Fringe on “In The Beginning” because otherwise I likely never would have started it.


[BLOG] PCR talks Hogwarts Meh-gacy!

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Hey Somethings!

New Year, New Us, Same Blog!

We have some things in the works that we’re excited for coming in March, and we hope you end up excited for it too!

So, over the holidays, thanks to Steam’s sale (=shakes fist at clouds=), I ended up buying Hogwarts Legacy because… well.. I had wanted to try it when it came out, but the price was a huge turn of for me (to say nothing of the personality issues and social beliefs of Ms. R…) but the pricing on the sale made me ok with my decision (in both regards) and I was eager to dip into it.

First thing I noticed is the game is…  not…   overly stunning graphics-wise.  Now my rig has a 3060 and 32g of ram.. not bleeding edge, but still a strong system.  It looked… “ok”.  Even on Ultra settings, the game looked “ok”… it SURE didn’t look like one would assume a game on Ultra would look.  After doing some digging, I found many online who agreed that “Medium” and “Ultra” were not huge differences… in some cased no different… in the appearance of the game.  I ended up finding one link that suggested a mish-mosh of “High-Low-Ultra-Medium-off-off-on…” settings that, made the game look as best as it was going to.  Ok.. settings handled, off to Hogwarts!

The gameplay is…  ok.  The spells you learn are varied and visually pretty cool, and the school and surrounding areas are well designed.

Pros : You get to ROAM AROUND HOGWARTS!  HOGSMEADE!  QUIDDI..well.. no.  No Quidditch.  The pitch is there, and you can fly around it on your broom, but you can’t play.  More on that.  The accuracy and care given to the design of the school and Hogsmeade is impressive and… for those who’ve read the books and seen the movies.. dare I say ‘comforting’.  I feel most of the movies were a great visual representation of the books descriptions, and now with the game, being in control of WHERE you go and roam around… it felt…good.  As far as gear goes, you can make your character look regal, understated, or outright SILLY, and I like that.  Tailored and smart?  Sure.  Want to look like Snape dressed as a grandma coming out of a boggart closet?  You can do that too.

Cons : You get to roam around Hogwarts, Hogsmeade and.. so much of it feels like fan service.  Can you go in Honeydukes?  Sure!  And… look around.. and.. activate a few things.  Now, some places have quests or are shops to buy certain things needed down the road, but even then, interaction feels stifled.  Quidditch?  The pitch is there, but the game tells you right from the beginning that there’s no Quidditch season ‘this year’….  apparently a different company is working on a stand alone Quidditch game, so the rights weren’t available.  The other thing that was an… odd choice for me… the game takes place 100 years before ‘Sorcerer’s Stone’, but some of the choices felt STRICTLY made for fan service.  The two co-headmasters are related to characters in the movies.. yet.. why did the movies/books never say anything?  Yes, I know the movies/books came first.. but they created such a rich world to pull from..  would Ron and the other Weasleys be treated the way they were if it was ‘known’ that Ron’s Great-Great-Grandmother was a Co-Headmaster of the school?  There are a lot of choices that make you go “Hey!  That’s neat!   …waitaminute…”

The combat also feels, while interesting with spell combos.. repetitive.  I’m hoping as I get deeper into the game, that feel will change.

Overall, it’s an ok game.  If you’ve been looking for the opportunity to get into it, definitely get it on sale IMO.  Capture the warm and fuzzies of the fan service and hopefully that will keep you warm enough during the Meh of the game.

What did YOU think?  Let us know in our socials!


[BLOG] PCR has some reminders for today!

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Hey Somethings!  PCR here…

Now that we’ve made it through “The Day of Gorging” and are now into “The Day of Madness”, a few reminders for those out braving the Black Friday deals and such at your local stores…

  1. Retail employees and Servers do NOT set the prices.
  2. Retail employees and Servers do NOT control inventory levels.
  3. Retail employees and Servers can NOT control how quickly others before you do or do not interact with things.
  4. Retail employees and Servers would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to treat you how you treat them.. especially if you’re treating them like shit… but they can’t.  YOU have that choice to be kind or not.
  5. Most (if not all) Retail employees and Servers absolutely loath today, basically because of the types of people they’re afraid they’ll encounter.  Don’t be one of those people.

Regardless of where you are…  your electronics or hobby store, the drive-thru of Jack-In-The-Box, a home improvement store, a swank sit-down restaurant…  remember, the people taking care of you are just that..   PEOPLE… and they deserve respect and compassion.   Don’t be the asshole they tell stories about in the breakroom.


[BLOG] PCR talks Waiting for New Seasons!

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Hey Somethings,

Now, as has been said multiple times during our show, Hatton and I are from two different age groups.  When I was a kid (and teen, and young adult), most TV seasons were about 22 episodes long.  They ran Sept. to May, and maybe took a break towards the end of the year.  Summer would come and go, and in Sept. a new season would drop.

In the 2007 Writer’s Strike, it jumbled things up and seasons were delayed, but even then (and using our “favorite” show as an example) LOST Season 5 was down to 14 episodes (4 was too, but.. again…Writer’s Strike).

Now, we have shows streaming on services that a “season” is 6 episodes?

Using “Loki” as an example, Season 1 started June 9th, 2021, and Season 2 JUST dropped in Oct. of 2023.  Stranger Things has done similar with a THREE YEAR gap between Seasons 3 and 4, and another 3 year gap between 4 and 5 (granted… again… there was a Writer’s Strike and, at the time of this writing, still a SAG-AFTRA strike)  and.. my question becomes… when do we stop caring?

As much as I was looking forward to a S2 of Loki, I didn’t jump on it when it came out.  I only recently caught up because I’m curious how they’re handling Kang since Marvel “may” (random reports) end up ‘phasing out’ Kang as the new Big Bad and replace him with Dr. Doom if Majors’ legal trouble increases more.  I just didn’t have the hype to get back into it after waiting so long.  The same went for S4 of Stranger Things.  Will I watch Season 5 when it comes out?  Eventually sure, if only to see how they wrap up the story, but it is unlikely I’ll be sitting in front of my TV with remote in hand just WAITING for it to drop.

Which begs the question Somethings… how long of a wait between seasons would make YOU not care nearly as much anymore?

Hit us in the socials and let us know!


[BLOG] PCR Rants About Drive-Thrus!

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Hey All, Podcast Rob here…

Allow me a moment to shake my fist at the sky…

Was coming home from work the other day, and decided to hop in one of my local drive-thrus to grab something to eat for dinner.  Amazingly, there was no line, nor was there anyone behind me.

My order wasn’t anything overly large, nor was it custom or special.  Regular order, right off the menu, not even a combo meal.

I pull up to the window where I wait for a few because the cashier is texting on their phone.  They open the window, take my money, and then say “Pull in to spot #3”

“umm… why?”

“We’re going to bring your food out to you so we can clear the window”

“There’s… literally no one behind me…”

“Oh I know, but it resets our timer”

My brain, understanding….

“Ohhh.. so, it shows your boss and your company that you’re doing a good job”

They nod, “basically”

Me, smiling… “then you should do a good job.  I’m good here thanks”

I then notice them glare, walk over to where there is a bag of food at.. Ill call it their ‘pick up table’ that has been SITTING THERE SINCE I PULLED UP TO THE WINDOW.. they grab it, walk back over, and shove the bag out the window at me.

Look, I get it, I hate being micromanaged too… but holy FUCK is this a peeve of mine, and it happens everywhere, and honestly, it annoys the hell out of me.

I understand people want to game a system they don’t believe is ‘fair’.  Hell, I used to work retail where we had to call customers who gave us their information regarding a special order product we carried.  We kept them in a lead book.  We had to make 80 calls a week.  Our book never had more than 18 names.  Management’s solution?  Call the customer, let it ring half a ring then immediately hang up and note “no answer”, and do that 3-4 days a week to the same customers just so we could fill out our log book.  No mention to the higher-ups about how 80 was unreasonable.  None of our stores had anywhere CLOSE to 80 leads a week, at any time.  Ever.  So yeah, I can see how, with deaf ears from above, you have to do what you can.


There is one drive-thru place near where I live..   doesn’t matter if there’s no line, or a 10 car line… how small or big your order is…  you pull up to the window, they’re handing you your food.  It would be different if “it’s impossible for places to get orders to the window in 4 minutes!” were true.. but it’s not… so, while you’re gaming the system to your boss, you look like a shitass to everyone else…

Just me?  Hit us in the socials and let us know!