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[BLOG] Hatton talks Podcasting….

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Given this is my last blog of this era – instead of writing out a list of thank yous which I’m sure you guys are sick of hearing from us self-indulgently blather on about this month, I thought I’d take a minute to talk about my history with podcasting – what I’ve gotten out of it and what I may do with it in time to come.

For those who know, I started writing over at Inside Pulse/Comic Nexus a long time ago, doing comic reviews and then wrestling reviews.. then one of my Rabble crew, Erik had been listening to our local radio station and the talking heads were blathering on about how it isn’t easy to do what they do and Erik asked if I wanted to try it out… well, the Rabblecast was born (and is still running, although I believe they are now a general pop culture thing now  – but it is nice to see one of my babies lives on without me)

It took two years before the bug bit me again and I needed to find a microphone and a friend. The problem was, and to a big degree, still is – I love nothing enough to focus on one thing. When I focus on something too hard, I get bored of it real quick. I stopped doing comic reviews because I knew what the storylines were a year ahead of time, I stopped watching wrestling because there were no surprises (and the product sucked at the time), so walking into a new show, it couldn’t be about any one particular thing… and therein lies the rub.  I love gaming and horror movies and puzzles and a thousand things… but none of them enough to be very good at being a critic of them. When I meet a horror fan and they say something like ‘Oh, did you hear Roger Kablingkin is revitalizing Phantasm after he won the lawsuit against Bloody Moon Studios? Aren’t you excited? OH, and Tabitha McWhazzerface will be back as Carmine’s mom!’ or when a gamer sees one of my video game tattoos and starts talking to me about deep lore of games I truly love… and I have absolutely NO idea what the hell they’re talking about. Yes, I love Final Fantasy 9 – no I have no recollection of the second act of that game.

You can hear me audibly blinking in response to these things.  I LOVE the things I love, I obsess over absolutely nothing, so whatever the podcast was going to be, it couldn’t be about a THING. It had to kind of be about EVERYTHING.. or more specifically a lot of ..somethings..  The good of that is there is always more to talk about. The bad of that is people tend to listen to podcasts about those things they get nitty gritty about or have some weekly hook. It was never a concern for us, but the podbubble expanded so big in the last decade that our non-specific nature definitely made us easier to get lost in the sea.

So, now that this chapter ends – what’s next? We’ve made allusions to things being on the burners, and there are – but truthfully, I expect you’ll get more from Rob and I individually as well as in tandem after we’ve caught our breath – because, truly, we can’t not want people to notice us. It’s the curse of thinking you’re entertaining and built into your bones. You don’t turn off the microphones for the last time and go ‘Ah, time to stare the wall..’ all we did was free up some time and brainspace for something new to grow.

Whatever it ends up being, where ever it ends up being, we hope to see you there.

Sound off in all the places one last time.  – Hatton

[ELEVATOR PITCH] The Next MCU Phase (w/ Tim Stevens)

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We’re back in the Elevator and it wouldn’t be right to leave without visiting one of the greatest guests of Somethingcast history – the man whose guest appearances now achieves double digits. The comic guru, the writing wizard, the beef that is.. Tim ‘Ungajje’ Stevens.

Tim is here to judge what he thinks the best call is for the next phase of the MCU. Will it be those rascally mutants? Galactus? Shao Khan whining? It could be anything!

After you’re done with us here, make sure you go and check out all of Tim’s work and at his Linktree, or go and read his regular entertainment pieces over at TheSpool.net.

Thanks for being with us along the ride Tim, but now the hardest decision of your life, Elevator Pitch: The Next Phase of the MCU.

Okay here we go!

Full Episode

[BLOG] Big Matt talks revisiting Fallout 4!

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Big Matt here!

A few weeks ago I did a quick blog about the Fallout games. I wanted to get back into one of them after watching the show, and couldn’t make a decision between Fallout 3, New Vegas, or Fallout 4.
Well, I eventually decided to go with Fallout 4, due to the graphics and other updates that were recently pushed out, and I have to say, I am glad I did.
I now have about 25 hours back into the game, and I am loving it. The feeling of exploring the wasteland is just as good as it was when I first played through it, and yes, the updates have helped a bit. That’s not to say there still aren’t glitches and crashed, because you better believe there are. I found a fun one that, to my frustration, occurs fairly frequently. When I go to hack a computer terminal while wearing power armor, it was start the ”moving down to the monitor” animation, and then just never get to the monitor. So I get stuck in a little movement loop, and have to kill the game completely. This and a couple other reoccurring glitches has forced me to change how I play a little bit. Each time I go to do just about anything, from hacking a terminal to opening a door, I have to do a quicksave out of glitch fear. Other than that though, I will say, it’s been a hell of a lot of fun getting back into the game, and really makes me want a Fallout 5 in the near future. (We don’t count Fallout 76 as an actual Fallout game)
What are YOUR thoughts?  Hit the socials and let us know!

Big Matt

Top Somethingcast Episodes


..we’re here.  When we talked about putting the chairs up and turning off the lights, we had a dozen or so episodes to go and now we are down the last month.  We hope you don’t mind if we get a little bit self-indulgent.

Over the last 11 years we have laughed a lot, talked to amazing guests, and had experiences that could only exist in the Somethingverse, so please join us as we go back and talk about some of our favorite episodes and moments. Also, you may learn some stories we’ve never told, but now, why the hell not.. we’re not going to get cancelled or anything.

So settle in with the Somethings as we look back at the Somethings and talk about which Somethings were Something to talk about.

Okay here we go!

Full Episode

[BLOG] PCR talks “Madam Web”

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Hey Somethings, PCR here!

So… I recently watched ‘Madam Web’ and… wow do I have thoughts…

For starters, I knew nothing about this character going in.  While she first appeared in 1980 in the comics, I didn’t start collecting until later, and when I was into the hobby the deepest, Spider-Man wasn’t much of my weekly pull…  so I won’t be talking about things like story arcs or how close they came to the comic portrayal.. this is strictly on the merits of the movie.


It is not good.


I don’t have anything against Dakota Johnson (though, looking through her filmography, I can’t say I’ve seen any of her movies.. but I’m aware of who she is and what she’s done), and.. I’m not sure her acting was really the issue here.  The story overall seemed…  Meh, the effects of Las Arañas doing their spider-walk stuff felt right out of the Batman TV show of the ’60s, I couldn’t get over the fact that the main villain looked like TEMU Matt Hardy from his “Delete! Delete!” era…  but the most annoying part of the movie to me was Julia, Mattie and Anya who’s characters seemed more based on showing off navels and seeing how many times in one scene can they flip personalities and motivations.

The action sequences were filled with frantic jump-cuts, which is usually a terrible sign that none of them were really smooth or cohesive so they had to splice them all together.  The way Cassandra’s power first starts getting revealed was jarring and giving me “Vantage Point” flashbacks (an action/thriller that consisted of roughly 39 minutes of footage), and was just…   eh?  I can see why in the comics she was more of a supporting role but.. what was the point of making a full-blown movie with her as the lead?  Sony just doesn’t seem to have a good grasp of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to comic movies and are just looking for properties that are tangential to the MCU to hype, which might not be the best call since the MCU’s glory days are behind them and they’re clearly trying to figure out how to transition into a ‘post Tony/Steve/likely Thor’ world.

Overall, if you want to watch it just to watch it and check it out, make sure you set your expectations to “Morbius” levels and you might be ok…


[1-STAR MOVIE REVIEW] Mortal Kombat: Annihilation

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The year was 1995 – the world of videogame nerds was overtaken by the cinema masterpiece that was Mortal Kombat.  ..ok, fine, it wasn’t a masterpiece, but it was kinda badass.

The year was 1997 – the world of videogame nerds realized something had gone horribly wrong and the movie studio was trying to cash-in on the IP and gave us Mortal Kombat: Annihilation.

So now, what happens when the Somethings go back in time, choose their Kombatent and rise through the ranks to fight against the villanous Shao Khan.. who is apparently not the Emporer of the Outworld trying to take over the Overworld… he is, apparently, a whiny Italian man whose father really pulls the strings. Maybe. We don’t know.

Test your might – and your stomach this week on 1-Star Movie: Mortal Kombat: Annihilation.

Okay here we g–MORTAL KOMBAT, duhn duhn duhn du duhn!

Full Episode

[BLOG] PCR talks ‘Godzilla Minus One’!

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Hey All, PCR here!

So, late to the party here, but just re-subbed to Netflix with the sole intent of watching ‘Godzilla Minus One’.. and I have some thoughts.

I watched it once, but will be watching it a second time with a different audio option.  On first watch through, I watched it dubbed… mostly because it was late, I wanted to watch it, but was lazy enough that I didn’t want to split focus between watching and reading.

First.. the cons…

– The main character of Shikishima is honestly, kind of a dick.  Yes, I get the PTSD aspect and that his inner war ‘isn’t over’, but until the very end, I didn’t feel he had a whole lot of depth and range.

–  One of the main things I found most jarring was that it felt very cliche to the Late 70s Godzilla movies, which, if that is what it was going for.. was spot on.  But combining the sort of ‘trope’ “Godzilla humans” in a movie that had such amazing effects.. it almost felt off putting to me at times.

–  Speaking of effects, the only thing I *didn’t* like was how he moved on land sometimes.  On Odo Island, he was a formidable beast.  Then, later, in Ginza, he was a thrashing, tail-bashing, city-destroyer.  Once we get to Tokyo, he was walking around the city like a guy at 3am up to take a piss with the lights off and trying not to step on his son’s LEGOs.  It felt very reminiscent of the rubber suit, which made me a bit sad based off how amazing the visuals were.

…and let’s talk about those visuals…


–  The visual effects of Godzilla were absolutely amazing.  The scene where he’s chasing the boat… him powering up the heat-ray…  the effects of the warships exploding..  I mean.. there were more than a few times where I sat bolt upright, eyes wide going ‘holy shit…’.  Honestly, I can’t think of one flaw in the visuals of the movie at all, it was an amazingly stunning piece of cinema.

Not really a pro or a con, but the one thing I guess I personally didn’t need was the ‘flashback’ of Tachibana explaining the ejector seat to Shikishima.  When he showed him the ‘safety lever’ for the bombs, and to ‘pull it just before’, I knew exactly where it was headed, and felt like going back and explaining it wasn’t giving the audience enough credit for following along.

All and all though, certainly worth a watch if you haven’t seen it yet.

What are YOUR thoughts?  Sound off on our socials!

–  PCR

[ELEVATOR PITCH] Livestream For The Cure: Movie to Video Game

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If you listen to us semi-regularly, you know that we were once again a part of the amazing Livestream For The Cure event this past month. With friend of the show and the Jerry Lewis of podcasting charity events, Nick Haskins at the helm, we once again go into the elevator and ask a man with a giant check if we could use it… for what?

Well, this week we are taking a video game franchise and turning it into a movie, or vice versa.

That’s not all you get in this episode, as afterwards we hang out with the Livestream crew and talk movies, Furiosa, a bit about the show ending, and just generally merrymake with our ‘For the Cure’ family.  We want to thank everyone involved and everyone that stuck around and donated during our time.

That said, the event is over, but there is never a bad time to donate and help to live in a world without cancer.

With that said, enjoy the show!  Ok, here we go…

Full Episode


[BLOG] The MCU.. no the Godzilla one

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Hatton here – with Netflix’s drop of Godzilla Minus Zero, my wife and I have gone deep into the monster universe the last two weeks. Starting at 2014 American Godzilla, and working our way up to the newest of Godzilla x Kong: Round 2.  Along the way, we’ve also started watching the Apple TV ‘Monarch’ about the secret covert organization that lives beneath all of the movies and will take a Tokyo Drift over to the Toho Godzilla series that was relaunched with Shin Godzilla.

Now, I could go and simply make a list of our favorites, but I think I’d like just throw out some high and low points because, honestly, if you are a monster movie fan.. good or bad, you’re going to watch them much like I’d watch the animated series SAW: TRAPS ARE MAGIC and Rob would watch FAST & THE FURRY’OUS: TOKYO YIFF.

Firstly, our favorite has been Kong: Skull Island by a mile. The initial Godzilla feels fun, but dark, like they really didn’t trust the CGI to not look a bit silly.  With Kong, you are 15 minutes into the movie and you are seeing a giant f’n monkey swat at helicopters. That movie, a period piece in a post-Vietnam 70’s feels like a true to life adventure movie with big weird creatures, comedy beats, and a strong ending that leaves you knowing there could be more stories told there.  It’s just a lived in kind of movie and I recommend it above all the others.

The rest are fun. They are ‘check your brain at the door’ fun and it all feels like it leads up to the moment in Godzilla x Kong: One where they are fighting in the neon neo-Japan and Kong gets to do parkour of of giant skyscrapers. The plot? Oh, I called the plot before I even saw the movie because it is the archtype of every CHARACTER v CHARACTER story in comic books. We fight over misunderstanding, we have a common enemy, we lose separately, we win together. – jazzhands –

Here’s where I’m going to get hatemail…. I didn’t like Shin Godzilla.  I KNOW… I KNOW.. stop yelling, I know.  You don’t have to tell me how poignant it is talking about how the government failed to protect its people during natural disasters or how it is being utilized the same way Gojira was used to comment about WWII.  I get it. Of course I get it. How could you not get it, 80% of that movie is people in sterile rooms telling each other ‘we need to do something’ ‘we can’t do something’. Over. And. Over. AND I KNOWWW… there’s an aspect where there is homage to the old rubber suit monsters with all of the lengthy talking segments, but even when little Timmy was trying to tell us that Godzilla is his friend, there felt like there was plot movement.  We jumped 45 minutes forward of this 2 hour movie and felt like we didn’t miss a single damned thing.

Last point, I am deeply saddened that we only see Mothra briefly as she is the best monster and we’ve not seen Gamera at all. I know he’s a different franchise, but I don’t care. I need my cartwheeling turtlemeat, dammit.

So, what are you thinking of the new monsterverse? How bad is my take on Shin Godzilla… let me know in all the places.

[BLOG] Killer Klowns Game Review (a rant)

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Hey Somethings!  PCR here…

So.. I managed to get my hands on a key for ‘Killer Klowns from Outer Space : The Game’ and decided to give it a shot.

Now, admittedly, I’ve never seen the movie (I’ll wait…     ok, done screaming?  Continue), and I only ever played the ‘survivor’ side of things but.. after putting in over 1500 hours into Dead By Daylight, I feel even having only played a bit of KK, I have some insights.

For those unaware, Killer Klowns is an(other) asymmetrical killer/survivor, cat/mouse game.  It shakes things up a bit by there being 7 survivors vs 3 klowns in a match, and each match has multiple exit points, but each point will only allow so many survivors to leave, forcing the other survivors to find another way out.  When you get caught by a klown, they wrap you up in cotton candy and hang you on a hook.  Other survivors can attempt to free you, or if you have certain weapons you can free yourself.  Where KK differs from DBD (but is similar to other types) the survivors can acquire weapons to fight back.  That’s the gist of it.

Is it bright?  Sure.  Are the survivors all bland?  Yes.  Can you customize your survivor’s look?  Eventually.  “What about the gameplay?”  So glad you asked…   after all those hours of DBD, it’s hard NOT to compare every other asymmetrical game I’ve played to DBD.  Let me clarify.. DBD is NOT a perfect game… not by a long shot.. but in my opinion, KK misses on a bunch of the things that even DBD gets right.

The survivor movement feels way too slow and lethargic…not just in walking/running, but in ALL movements.  The aiming feels atrocious and the running didn’t feel much faster than walking (although it made more noise to alert the klowns).  Searching things felt like it took way too long, and then there would be an annoying cameras angle change for the game to swing around and focus on the inside of whatever you searched.. thereby taking away your ability to keep an eye on your surroundings.

Out of the 7 games I played (2 solo, 5 with other friends) I managed to escape once and that was by complete accident.

When you’re ‘out of the game’ (either dead or escaped), you can play was IGN calls “humorous carnival-based mini games” (not sure what game they were playing.. only 1 was barely ‘carnival based’ and none of them were humorous…) that allow you to choose a ‘fate card’ that can grant a player still in the game something to help them with their continued attempt.  None of the games felt like there was a ‘set score/win’ point at which you could choose a card, and was more ‘oh, you’ve been doing this for 20 seconds…cool!’ as even games I did absolutely terrible at, the game would let me choose a Fate Card.

All of this said, I would venture to guess that if I had watched the movie and been a fan of the franchise, I might be inclined to be more forgiving in my take on the game… but since I haven’t and aren’t.. I won’t.  I got the code for free and even factoring that in, it’s been uninstalled.

If you’re a fan, it might be worth checking out.. just keep in mind your gameplay time and Steam’s return policy if you’re going into with a 50/50 mindset.

Have you played?  What did you think?  Hit us on socials and let us know!