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[THE BEGINNING] The Sopranos

We woke up this morning, had a blue moon in our eye.. like a big pizza pie, that’s amore’ — nevermind.

This week on In The Beginning, the Somethings are stomping on their homeland of NJ and looking at the first episode of a landmark show in television, The Sopranos. This show may have started the cable television revolution, but does it hold up? Does the awareness of mental health in a world of mobsters still ring with uniqueness? And what’s with the ducks, anyway?

Find out the answers to this question, and a whole lot more on this week The Beginning: The Sopranos

Ok, here we fugeddaboutit… that hurt to write.

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[THE BEGINNING] Succession

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It’s time to talk about the beginning of a show that many heralded as the next big thing, and it had its four seasons and went… but, was it a Success?

We are obviously discussing the journey of the Roy family and the control of RoyCo. A gaggle of children and relatives all battle it out for control of a billion dollar empire. Will it be the political darling? The weird hippy? The hedon? The kiss-ass? It’s one giant eff’d up Brady Bunch at the top of the skyscraper.

So join us in our ivory tower as we look at the pilot episode of a show that said ‘who needs dragons and robots for a big money HBO!?’ and flew off on its private helicoptor.  Find out on this week’s episode of The Beginning: Succession

Okay here we go!

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[THE BEGINNING] Wayward Pines

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It’s well established the Somethings enjoy a show that takes place in a mysterious location with a bunch of people unsure of what’s gone on. Well, in his first selection for The Beginning, Big Matt has provided us with one that slipped through our cracks.. he has given us a bit of a Twin Peek at a little show Lost called Wayward Pines.

This Matt Dillon vehicle covers all the bases – strange location, the audience knowing secrets the characters don’t, secrets on secrets on secrets, and… M Nigh Shyamalan?!

So is this show just another Leftover or was it a gem caught on the Fringe? …flash forward, heroes, persons unknown, i-land…

Find out on The Beginning: Wayward Pines

Ok, here we have to go back… kinda.

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[THE BEGINNING] The Blacklist

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A man walks into FBI Headquarters, puts in a meeting request and waits for the guns to be drawn… we are of course talking about the more famous pseudonym of Robert California, none other than Red Reddington in The Blacklist

With the show having just ended last year, we ask ourselves whether the opener still grips you – whether James Spader with his unending smarm charm holds the screen hostage like we always remember he did. Does it hold up? Worth the watch?

Find out as we go down a list of names of those that have wronged us on this week’s The Beginning: The Blacklist

Ok, I remember we would go to this fantastic bistro in Paris, they served a dish that I’ve literally seen a man kill for… here we go!

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Not all shows are created equal. Some shows are brilliant and stay that way throughout. Others go out into the woods to become lumberjacks.

This week we are taking it to the dark passenger and his damp serial killer, Dexter Morgan. When it all began, was it good? Does it hold up? What did we notice this time that we never noticed before? Lastly, is it worth going back to?

So follow the Somethings down to Miami as we talk The Beginning: Dexter

Ok, here we go!

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In a post-Lost world, a lot of television shows came through the lens flaired hands of J.J. Abrams on his journey to screwing up Star Trek and leaving the bones of Star Wars to bleach in the pretty, yet confusing red sand. Fringe may be the show he is lauded for the least, but is that the way it should be?

A mix between X-Files and a procedural, Fringe gave us 5 seasons… but how did it begin?

Join us as we follow the wacky antics of crazypants science that is The Beginning: Fringe

Ok, Stranger, here we go!

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One of the great things about doing In The Beginning is that we get a chance to look at some stuff that was super popular, but doesn’t really reach the lofty goals of a multiple season blah blah..  so we can even take on the classics of the 80s – the TV Miniseries.

So why don’t we start that idea with one of the biggest and most well known in a little story about the aliens landing and being totally friendly and not at all problematic lizard monsters. …No.. seriously…

Anyway, does it stand the test of time? Is it good? Is it the reason miniseries aren’t around anymore?

Find out on The Beginning – V. 

Ok, here V go!

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It’s been so long since I’ve done that. You see, we’ve started a new thing.. The Beginning. Since we’ve done it now for a couple episodes we thought, as PCR likes to put it, to rip the bandaid off and just get this one out of the way. Before the messages and tweets and you darling somethings ask for it, we’re just going to get the mystical island that haunts us out of the way.

And what did we think? I mean, the answer may surprise you… but it probably shouldn’t.

So settle in with your box of Dharma Initiative Fish Biscuits and get ready to go back yet again to The Beginning – Lost.

Ok, here we go again..!

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Do you want to be a superhero, but your moral compass is all out of whack? Are you obliviously lost in a differente decade? Do you frequently get people telling you that they can’t see you?

If the answer is – you are John Cena and we’re glad you support the show. Please reach out for an interview, we won’t charge you much.

Anyway, this week we are discussing the Cena show that took the world by surprise. I mean, Cena has always had the comedy chops, but to hold up the lionshare on this ensemble piece is an impressive feat.  But what was that first episode? A good place to begin or over-hype?

Let’s answer the question on In the Beginning: Peacemaker

Ok here we AWABADOO… ba baa ba baa.

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[THE BEGINNING] Secret Invasion

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We have returned with our newest attempt at relevancy, The Beginning!

On this episode we go to the comic book wagon again for the most recent in the constant struggle for the MCU to find its footing – this time with a series that has been in the works since Captain Marvel. He is our favorite Bad Motha-shut-yo-mouth, Sam Jackson returning as Nick Fury, in a world where anyone of us could be a Skrull.

So settle in as we talk about the first episode, how it sits, how the Marvel U looks, and more on The Beginning: Secret Invasion!

Ok, here Kree go!

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