[THE BEGINNING] Wayward Pines

It’s well established the Somethings enjoy a show that takes place in a mysterious location with a bunch of people unsure of what’s gone on. Well, in his first selection for The Beginning, Big Matt has provided us with one that slipped through our cracks.. he has given us a bit of a Twin Peek at a little show Lost called Wayward Pines.

This Matt Dillon vehicle covers all the bases – strange location, the audience knowing secrets the characters don’t, secrets on secrets on secrets, and… M Nigh Shyamalan?!

So is this show just another Leftover or was it a gem caught on the Fringe? …flash forward, heroes, persons unknown, i-land…

Find out on The Beginning: Wayward Pines

Ok, here we have to go back… kinda.

Full Episode

Author: RevVoice