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[ELEVATOR PITCH] 80’s Wrestlers

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Wrestlemania may be behind us, but the Somethings are getting in on the action, baybayyy.

So join PCR, Hatton, and Big Matt as they are, yet again, on an elevator with an idea.. you see they each have created a wrestler from the ground up. Gimmick. Moveset. Theme song. And one of their creations is going to hit the ring if today’s CEO approves. The rest’ll be serving hard time.

Today’s CEO is a guy who has established himself in two competitive and cutthroat worlds – wrestling AND comics.. and merged them. Today we have Mike Kingston, creator of Headlocked, a comic that tells the story of a guy who rises through the ranks in the ring and Tales From The Road stories told by the biggest names of the industry.  Check out everything he does at:

So what are the Somethings going to do when it comes crashing down and it hurts inside?

Only one way to find out…. it’s time to play the game on Elevator Pitch: 80’s Wrestlers

Ok here we go.. 4… Life.

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[ELEVATOR PITCH] Movie Prequel w/ Kevin Gootee

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Another week – another elevator – another big time CEO with a big check – it’s like we’re on a rotating schedule. If only we could go back before….

AND WE CAN! This week, we are pitching movie Prequels – stories before the story – and who is our guest CEO? It’s none other than Gutting The Sacred Cow host, stand-up, and friend of the Somethings, Kevin Gootee 

So hop into your podracer, fire up the Prometheus, or learn why Snakes? why did it have to be snakes, and maybe how they got on that mo’fo’in plane!

It’s time for Elevator Pitch: Prequels

Ok, here we pre-go!

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[ELEVATOR PITCH] 80’s Movie Remake w. John Galbo

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We all have movies that we think probably shouldn’t have been remade. We all have movies we think ‘it would be great to see that from a new perspective’ — well this week, the boys unleash a regular show that is becoming a staple as they head into the elevator to pitch the next not-new, new-again movie relaunch.

That’s right Elevator Pitch is now a monthly adventure. This week’s CEO is a long time friend of the show, the ringmaster of ACPN and Adult Swim Central, John Galbo!

What movie would you redo? Do you agree with the Somethings?  Find out on Elevator Pitch: 80s Remake!

Ok here we like yah fer shurr,

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