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[ELEVATOR PITCH] Discontinued Toys w/ Ty Jero

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What was your toy?  Did you play with M.U.S.C.L.E.S or Stretch Armstrong? Were you a Lite-Brite kid or maybe you had a slinky but you straightened it.  Whatever your particular pet rock was, there is some toy that you remember from your childhood that is no longer with us. Maybe because it just wasn’t that interesting or maybe because it was horrendously dangerous.

Well, the Somethings are back in the elevator and we’re going to bring back a toy from our childhood, and the special guest CEO is one of the hosts of High Anxiety on Youtube, Ty Jero!  So please, pay respect to our toy maestro and check out his team’s reviews of toys and collectables.

But for now – which one of us will get the pile of money?

Find out on Elevator Pitch: Discontinued Toys

Ok here we go go Power Rangers!

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[ELEVATOR PITCH] 80’s Movie Remake w. John Galbo

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We all have movies that we think probably shouldn’t have been remade. We all have movies we think ‘it would be great to see that from a new perspective’ — well this week, the boys unleash a regular show that is becoming a staple as they head into the elevator to pitch the next not-new, new-again movie relaunch.

That’s right Elevator Pitch is now a monthly adventure. This week’s CEO is a long time friend of the show, the ringmaster of ACPN and Adult Swim Central, John Galbo!

What movie would you redo? Do you agree with the Somethings?  Find out on Elevator Pitch: 80s Remake!

Ok here we like yah fer shurr,

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