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[The Something Contest] Wave 4 Here!

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You wanted it – you got it. THE WORLDS GREATEST SUPERTEAM!!!

Who are they you might ask – well they are the Avengers – and that’s up to debate really, but that’s not what we’re going for here.

We want you to take the movie Avengers.. any batch of them really? Recast them.  You’ve at least seen the Avengers, or a commercial featuring them.  So who would YOU turn into the Avengers?  We are leaving no restrictions on this, so if you want to do all the Avengers as Presidents and a short understanding of why, please do.  What if all the Avengers were all books you read once?  Go for it – leave your Avengers write-up here and your answers will go into the SomethingComputer and assess the greatest answer of them all!


[The Something Contest] Wave 3 Here!

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After hanging out with the chubby Martian Manhunter – it is time to take a journey back to the island… dammit.

So we ask you, our faithful listeners, in less than 1000 words. (And by less than 1000, remember. 25 is also less than 1000) Give us an answer to one of the great mysteries of the island.  Pick any one you want.  From smoke monsters, to polar bears, to the fact that Kate REALLY wasn’t that freckly.

Answer a grand question and your selection will be given points towards SOMETHINGSWAG.

Where do you put your answers.. ANOTHER MYSTERY… no?  Right.. put them in the comments of THIS VERY POST!

[The Something Contest] Wave 2 Here!

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Welcome to the SomethingSomethingContest.. I’m James Hatton with… … ..oh, I’m sitting alone.

Right, so here’s the rules. Take this picture that relates to our new episode and caption the hell out of it.  If you want to download it and repost it with captions, that’s fine – or if you just want to add a thingy in the comments.  Whatever you want. It’s your show baby.  This will go on until 04/24, when the boys are back in studio.  Ok, here we go….