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Episode 58 – Jessica Jones

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Put on your biggest smile, and join us once again as the Somethings delve into binge watching Netflix’s newest Marvel: Jessica Jones.  What started as a noir take on the superhero world has taken television by storm as a story of the seedier, darker, and downright creepier parts of what great power means when you have little responsibility.

Joining us is honorary Something, friend, and comic book genius – @Ungajje himself: Tim Stevens.

Couple things to note – this show is long. We love talking with Tim, so even when we say ‘lets wrap it up.. there’s another 2 hours.’  Also, this show is SPOILERIFFIC.  If you are 3 episodes in.. don’t listen.  Go watch them. Then listen.


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Episode 57 – Found Footage Films

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Step one – take a camera

Step two – strange and horrible things happen to you

Step three – PROFIT!

The Something’s heading off with nothing but their wits and a camera, with an episode all about Found Footage/Shaky Cam movies.  Whether it is a horrible creature tromping through the woods, or an urban legend coming to life in the woods, or a … why are all of these things in the woods?

Anyway – monsters, powers, mayhem galore on the just after Thanksgiving edition of the SomethingSomethingCast.

Note – We would like to thank Olivia Hennis of The Papercuts Podcast for her help with this episode. (And her show’s pretty rockin if you love young adult novels & films)

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Episode 56 – The Time Travelling Episode

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You don’t need money…
We don’t take fame…

That’s a lie – we’ll take fame. We’ll take fame anywhere it asks us to.  It’s gonna live forever.  it’s gonna learn how to fly!

Sorry, already digressing.  As I was saying – the power of love is a curious thing.. but more curious is the hours and hours we have spent watching time travel flicks. Movies about people moving about in time with usually disastrous results in the first act.  There are tons of tropes, tons of gimmicks, tons of good and bad flicks that have used traveling through time as their crutch.  Hatton & Rob are hopping in their Magic School Bus and going through their favorites.

(They also kill Hitler.)

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Episode 55 – Horror Villain Battle Royale

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some..some..some…  thing..thing..thing…

We would like to play a game… and it’s BATTLE ROYAL: HORROR EDITION!  We’ve discussed our favorite creature features and villains in the past, but given it is a time for scary, it is time to look with a chainsaw sharp eye… if that was a thing.. and look at some of the greatest villains of movie-dom and pit them against each other in a discussion about who would stand tall at the end.  Whether you are sleeping on Elm St. or messing with a Puzzle Box, there is always a vacancy when it comes to Halloween.

(See what I did there?  Yeah, I’m kind of impressed with myself, too.)

Ok ScarySomethings… here we ghoul!

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Episode 54 – SomethingRiffs: Lost

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In what is going to go down as their ‘Awkward Year 3 Experimental Phase’ – The Somethings are returning back to a place they vowed they would never return to.

That’s right… The Island.

Now, you might remember the last 6 Hour Rant Fest that was the Something’s Lost episode… well this time it is a bit different. The boys are sitting down with the finale of LOST and riffing on it.  So this episode isn’t one you can just sit back and let us hijack your brain – you are going to want to load up Netflix and watch the show along with us as we sit and discuss, mock, point out, ignore, and generally vent our frustrations one last time at those damned Dharma kids and their mangey Smoke Monster.

This episode is yet another in a long line of interesting things we’re trying out, and your commentary on how it went is supremely important, so please hang out with us on social media (and here!) and let us know what you think.

After this, we’re taking our favorite rant vehicle and locking it away in the hatch… so savour it, we ain’t goin’ back for a lonnnnnng time, Freckles.

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Episode 53 – Roundtable – Sequels!

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During our anniversary episode we started talking about good sequels to movies, and what movies have had good #2’s and even #3’s.

Well, not only did the Somethings want to get back in on that action, we invited some other folks along to join in the fun.  So we can call this the first ever IJOV Roundtable, featuring some guests from around the pod’verse.

We have Marcus from Deadpan Fury – and Toners from Nyrdcast!

So, sit back, enjoy a rambling, unending, roundtable talk that circles around the topic a few times and occasionally ACTUALLY touches on it.

Ok, here we go!

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Episode 52 – The Library Bards!

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Welcome back Somethings.. or perhaps you are new to this whole thing.  Thanks for showing up.

What originally started out as a show about reality shows has spiraled into SomethingMadness by gettingthe fantastic opportunity to spend some time with The Library Bards!

Who are they intrepid Something Listeners?  Well they are the nerdy singing duo of Bonnie Gordon and Xander Jeanneret!  How do they relate to reality shows?  Well Xander was on Season 2 of the TBS show King of the Nerds and Bonnie was on the first season of The Quest.  Do you see how this went?  No? Not yet? Fine. We explain it better during the show.

We want to thank the Bards for taking time out of their convention schedule to hang online with us and we look forward to everything they do next.

For more on them, you can find them on: YOUTUBE!, TWITTER!, FACEBOOK!, and of course ITUNES!

Ok – here we go!

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Episode 51 – Favorite Music Videos

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The art of the music video isn’t forgotten. Hell, it might be just as popular as it ever was, but not where we remember it.  The Somethings are taking you on a journey to learn their favorite music videos.  These isn’t your top five music videos ever – this is the boys picking their favorites.  So put away your a-Ha t-shirt… wait, you have an a-Ha t-shirt?  How the hell did you get that?

Anyway, that’s not the point. The point is we are back – we are starting Year 3 with a few songs, some laughs, a new studio, and since you are reading this… you’re likely coming with us.

Ok, here we go!

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Episode 50 – The Two-Year Anniversary Part 2

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Anyway – we are back with part two of our two part extravaganza at the home of the Pig – Wild Pig Comics! We last left off with WildPig Chris leaving, and still quite a bit of the future of the MCU to go!  So join our live audience, special panelists Madison and WP Manager Bill Ellis as we talk about the future not only of the MCU but of comic movies in general.  Is the end nigh? What does Ben Affleck think about it?  FIND OUT NOW!

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Episode 49 – The Two-Year Anniversary Part 1

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How did they do it?  Two years ago, two old friends met up and started goofing off… one year ago they met up at their favorite nerdbook haunt, Wild Pig Comics, and talked about the Marvel Comics Universe.  Well guess what, it has been one more year and another dozen movies about people in tights.. so we’re back talking with the Madison, the Wild Piggies of Chris and Bill, and a live audience to talk about the past and future of the Marvel Comics Universe.

Also, you will hear a special announcement about a new website and joining a bunch of friends for a new home for your ears!

Ok, here we go.

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