[BLOG] A Little Something About Trek…

A long time ago I shunned the X v Y arguments. I use Android, but I know some people should use IOS. I play most games on PC, but console gaming will never not be an invalid choice. I don’t drink soda, but prefer Pepsi because my tastebuds are weird.  I like dragons and fantasy and elves, but can’t read Tolkien. Wars is fun, but Trek is mine…

Which leads me to my discussion of the EU of Star Trek and Star Wars and just how amazingly different they are and why, I feel like I can say with no dismissal of your fandom, that the modern Star Trek has proven to be so much of a better road than the modern Star Wars – and we can see the problem with both in the same man.


Look, obviously we have a bone to pick with him for a certain island, but even during my lovey dovey phase where he could do no wrong, he still boned Star Trek by turning it into a Star Wars resume. Then, when he got to Star Wars, the project it felt like he really wanted.. well, it went as well as it did. I’d almost believe that nostalgia sequels were impossible, except that Star Trek has shown precisely how to do it.

Discovery is for folks who want new ‘in universe’ stories. Picard is for people who want nostalgia that pays homage to what came before it and is wall to wall with nods to where the future took these characters. Strange New Worlds is for the people that want hidden stories from the time they remember. Lower Decks is for the people that want to mock what they love.  All of them done with care and craft, adding to the mythos without retreading it. Does Picard make a direct reference to ‘Farpoint’ the first mission of The Next Generation, directly – but it is acknowledged as such, and it is there to teach a lesson about what the ‘old guard’ knows that the new guard doesn’t. It’s that knowledge that aids the characters instead of new characters just doing it all over again.

…you know, like how the evil guy builds a big evil killer planet eating sphere laser and the heroes go flying in a trench to blow it up.  Again.

The Trek shows aren’t without their nitpicks, especially if you are a purist – but lets be real here, if you are a purist of anything you probably aren’t ever going to be happy.

You know what also does nostalgia relaunch better than Star Wars?  Chucky.  By, like.. miles.

You know anything else better than Star Wars? Sound off in all the places and Live Long & Propsper.
– Hatton


Author: RevVoice