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We are the terror that flaps in the night… we are the podcast you listen to when you already caught up with RadioLab – we’re… the SOMETHINGSOMETHING DUC—CAST!

This week, we are going to Gotham with the newest installment in the neverending saga of one man’s fight against eye make-up.

How did Pattinson do as the man known as the Bat? How did he do as the Wayne? Did he sparkle in either role? What about the Riddler? The Catwoman? Egghead? Xyzzaz? The Condiment King?

Find out on this week’s Something in Review: The Batman!

Also – please be sure to tune in this Friday @9pm to support the Somethings as we get to be a part of Livestream For The Cure – Donations are open.

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[BLOG] A Little Something About Trek…

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Hatton here with this week’s blog that was supposed to be last week’s, but I have lost all cohesion and concept of the passage of time. Thanks Rob for picking up my dumb dumb slack.

Anyway – I am a Trek person. If you love all sci-fi equally, go you, but if I had to choose between watching a lightsaber or a phaser, I’m going to choose a phaser every time. That said, not all Trek has been created equally, and in recent years there has been a surprising number of new shows that wear the Trek name. Thankfully these shows have disregarded the Abrams version of Trek entirely and have rested solely on the ‘prime timeline’ for lack of a term.

So what are my thoughts on these new Treks? I thought I’d give my pros and my cons this week.

Star Trek: Discovery – Starting in a world before the original series, with nods to original Captain Pike, Tribbles, and Spock, we follow Michael Burnham who was the canonically inserted adoptive sister of Spock.

The good here is that this show has the heart of Trek right. The characters grow and learn lessons, they are humans who are fighting for the Prime Directive. Also, given this show is being produced now, the morality of Trek is updated along with it featuring women, people of color, non-binary, lgbtq all in the chain of command with absolutely no fanfare. There are moments of real tearjerking beauty in Discovery, and I look forward to every season.

The bad though… the bad is its main character, Michael Burnham. Not the actress, as Sonequa Martin-Green is excellent, but the character. Her primary flaw is that she isn’t perfect enough to compete with her near god-like Spock, so she is always fighting for relevancy when compared to him. That concept makes her too good at near everything else, and as the show goes on she seems to somehow get smarter than people at the height of their profession. Answering medical questions for doctors and history questions for anthropologists… she’s just too much at times.

Star Trek: Picard – The final adventures of my favorite captain, Picard is an interesting mix of nostalgia and telling stories outside of the standard ‘captain and his crew’ world that most shows lean into. I have only taken in the first season, but within we learn what’s happened to Data, Riker, Troi, Seven of Nine, and I have no doubt that there is more to come in the next Season. It clearly loves the source material and pays homage in every inch of it.

The bad is mostly plot oriented. It’s story, where fun and intended to take us to various corners of the universe and explore the aftereffects of what Picard went through in Next Generation, the big season plot would have largely never been a concern if not for the heroes getting involved. There is a season finale issue as well that others may have a problem with, but I’ll leave that for the forum-arguers.

Lastly – we have the cartoons. Lower Decks and Prodigy. Decks is a Family Guy style comedy and Prodigy is a CGI animated kid-friendly adventure. Both have their merits and their love of Trek on their sleeve. (Prodigy, notably features show friend Bonnie Gordon as the ship computer). Lower Decks makes fun of the things we love, but holds onto a lot of Trek’s heart, and Prodigy is a big adventure that, due to its CGI, sometimes feels less Star Trek and more Reboot… both though are enjoyable as hell.

So, what’s your favorite current Trek? Are you looking forward to Strange New Worlds? Sound off in the usual places. Hatton out.

[THE WHEEL] Creator Spotlight: Crystal Storm

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Time again to bring the circle of fun back to the Somethings – it’s time for The Wheel!

This week, hate to spoil it, but we land on Creator Spotlight and the wheel has brought along the creative entrepreneur, writer, creator, roleplayer, fanfictioning, and all around fantastic human on the Prime Material and any other plane as well – Crystal Storm!

So maybe, before you dive in, go take a look at the place for all things Crystal: Crystal’s Imagination! and be certain to sign-up with her Twitch to keep on with her game playing!

But for now, come talk all the nerd shit with Crystal Storm!

Ok here we go!

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Best Chases In Cinema

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Imagine this – Johnny Law is on your tail, in the trunk you have a kilo of those really delicious strange flavored gummy bears from Japan that you didn’t pay the import tax on. You, in a suped up Kia Supreme, your partner in crime is in a Nitro-Boosted Toyota Corolla. Will you get across the county line before the Po takes your sweet sweet candies?

YOU might be in one of cinema’s greatest chase sequences.

Find out what high-octane, cat and mouse adventures the Somethings picked as their favorites on this week’s SomethingSomethingcast!

Ok here we VROOOOM!

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[THE END] Lovecraft Country

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Some shows come and go with a ton of fanfare, and yet somehow, for some reason, we don’t get a Season 2. Think of some of the shows that you loved that never saw a second year? I know of at least one western sci-fi that hits the mark, along with Wonderfalls, and Cop Rock.

Anyway, in this instance, the show could most certainly have had a second season if the people behind the curtain pushed a little harder, but with no story arc to tell, and a large budget to account for… it went away after giving us an amazing 10 episode arc.

So let’s head into the past and future, lift a stone and see the creepy crawlies that are hiding in every magical corner of Lovecraft Country.

Does it still hold up? Well,only one way to find out… on THE END.

Ok, here we go, and we got our travel atlas…

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[THE WHEEL] [Elevator Pitch] Dead by Daylight

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Gather round kids, because we are warming our hands on amazing Swedish Furniture in, THE WHEEL!

What topic will appear today? Well, the Somethings have been saddled with the idea of creating an all new DBD Killer and Powers… if you are unfamiliar, Dead By Daylight is a 4v1 game where one player is a crazy killer and the other 4 are trying to escape. If you ask the survivors, they’ll tell you that it’s about trying to annoy one person the best way possible. If you ask a killer player, they’ll tell you it is about destroying players with the most unfair way possible.  Either way, the game is fun for all.

So what new monster will the boys come up with?  Only one find out… on THE WHEEL: DBD Elevator Pitch

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[BLOG] Hatton’s Fictioning Again…


Hatton time … but wait, you said, it’s not Hatton time. Hatton time was last week and we are unsure if we can handle this much greatness.

Well, suck it up, because tomorrow’s my birthday and I’m heisting the blog this week.  Why?  You see, your friendly neighborhood Hatton has a certain ailment that has affected him off and on since he was a child, and that is the curse of needing to write imaginary things down. Legally, I believe it is called ‘writing’. That said, when I’m in a writing rut, I have a secret that I’m going to share with you today.  That is, I have a Reddit account… I know, scandalous.

That account writes short horror stories out of nowhere – which is why, it’s called SurpriseHorrorStory

So for my birthday, here’s a gift of some creepiness from posts I’ve done in the past.


Mum and Papa were awoken before the sun lit their bedroom by Billy crashing into their bedroom, “THANK YOU! OH THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

Parents expected to wake up early on Christmas morning, but not so urgently. The pair exchanged glances with each other, and then to their closed closet doors. Billy’s new bike, his big gift this year, was tucked away in their closet. The rest of his gifts were wrapped, so what was he so excited about?

“He is adorable and I love him! He hasn’t told me his name yet, but he enjoyed the rest of Santa’s cookies.” The boy was vibrating with joy.

“Son? ..What are you talking about?” Papa asked, sliding out of bed and into his slippers. He then heard the crash of something downstairs. Glass shattering. The cat screaming angrily.

Billy, oblivious to the noise, said, ‘My Furby, Papa. He’s adorable!” The stairs creaked. “Oh! He’s coming up the stairs! I didn’t know they could do that!”



“Look, I don’t know which one of you is doing it, but it’s starting to freak me out.”

My coworkers all shared confused glances as I sat down with my lunch. It wasn’t surprising, only one of them was likely guilty.

“The sign.. the googly eyes sign?” I asked, imploring one of them to reveal themselves, but nobody started giggling or raising their hand.

I sighed. In the ideal version of this conversation in my head, one of them admitted it was them and they could explain it to the group. With nobody owning up, I was the one that would have to tell the story and be the source of the laughter.

“Someone keeps screwing with the earthquake sign.. the stupid one with the googly eyes so that the eyes are always staring at my desk.” And the laughter came. It was contained as each of them realized I was taking this seriously, but it was most certainly going to come out more explosively when I wasn’t around.

With nobody owning up, I finished my lunch without much more discussion about it and went back to my desk, watching as the eyes followed me from the hallway to my seat.

Did they look angrier today?


♫ Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Following new friends, while remaining hidden
Hiding my pistol inside of my sling
These are a few of my favorite things.

Starting off easy, then getting quite brutal,
using a knife so much that it gets too dull
Hearing the new words that my new friend sings
These are a few of my favorite things ♫


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Imagine you wake up, have your coffee, go to work, go home, and the cycle repeats.  Every day. No variation. Nothing other than the same drudgery you’ve come to know for as long as you can remember.

And now that you are crying, why not listen to the Somethings talk about the new Ryan Reynolds tale, Free Guy (not, as Hatton may have you believe, Fall Guy). Is the movie funny? Too nerdy and inside baseball? Too simplistic and generalized for a broad audience? And what about Michael Myers?

Find out the answers to these and a whole lot more as you settle in to another 8 hour slogfest at the paper pushing cubical you call a life, on Something In Review: Free Guy

Ok here we take an arrow to the knee…

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[BLOG] A Little Something About Fiction…

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I promised myself that I was going to try and get through more books this year. I’ve digested so many movies, I honestly find myself not watching many lately, and the ones I do watch tend to be old schlocky sci-fi movies with people making fun of them underneath. MST3k and Rifftrax really have warped my brain that way…

Anyway, I promised I was going to read more, and I gave myself the allowance of audiobooks. I realized that I had a couple Audible credits just hanging out that I hadn’t touched from years ago, so I reinstated my account and between physical titles and audiotitles, I’m actually not doing so bad with a half-dozen or so books read this year.  On that note, audiobooks get the same treatment that movies I don’t have interest in – I listen to them at 1.25x because most readers are just too slow and I get distracted way too easily.

So here’s some books that I’ve braindumped in one form or another, and what I’ve thought of them.  I’ll warn you – they’re mostly not great…

CLOWN IN A CORNFIELD – Read mostly because of the cover and the title, this is a young adult book in the Christopher Pike, RL Stein variety where a bunch of kids deal with the craziness going on around them. It isn’t great, but it definitely will remind you of some late 90’s slasher films you’ve seen.  If you want something fluffy to inject into your brain, you could go a lot worse than ‘Clown’ … hell, you could go with…

FANTASTICLAND – Let’s start with the fact that the elevator pitch of this book is great. ‘What if we did the Warriors, but at Disney?’ and the first half of the book is trying to convince you that this premise is occurring. In the style of World War Z tales from people that surrounded the incident, Fantasticland is a damned mess that, the longer you scrutinize, the less sense it makes… oh, and why does an amusement park turn into a post-apocalyptic wasteland (without an apocalypse).. because these damn kids turn to monsters without their phones, by gum.  Blech.

THE FINAL GIRL SUPPORT GROUP – I really enjoy Grady Hendrix. His stories take a simple premise and go crazy with it. ‘HORRORSTOR’ is ‘What if you had a haunted Ikea’. ‘SOLD OUR SOUL’ is ‘What if a band did sell their souls for rock & roll?’.  And FINAL GIRL SUPPORT GROUP is.. well, just what the title tells you. What if the horror we digested in the 70s and 80s weren’t fiction, but fictionalized historical accounts of actual events.  What would Laurie Strode, Nancy Thompson, and Sidney Prescott be like in group therapy? It’s fun, tells a great story, and Hendrix has a love of his source material.

THE TROOP – Finally, ok.. if you want to be skeeved the hell out. If you want a novel that will turn your stomach, feel big and creepy and icky, and completely satisfying from top to bottom? I give to you Nick Cutter’s The Troop which, elevator pitch version is: ‘Stand By Me’ but ‘OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT THING?’ …A troop of boy scouts are on a private island for an overnight trip, but they run into some problems.  I know that says nothing, really, but you really should just dive in blind and be grossed out like it wants you to be.

Hatton, do you read anything other than horror?

Yes, I go through phases… as I’m currently reading Christopher ‘Eragon’ Paolini’s new scifi book ‘To Sleep In A Sea of Stars’ ..and it’s ok.. I’ll let you know some other time how it turned out, but I’m pushing to get to the end if that helps.

So what have you been reading? You know where to tell us…


Hanging w/ Nick Haskins

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Nick Haskins is a good dude. Do you know why?  Maybe it’s because you were a fan of his podcasting work… (Like, Epic Film Guys, perhaps…) or maybe it’s because you enjoy cooking with him on Twitch (At Nikoli’s Kitchen)

If you listen to us enough, you have most definitely heard his name as the Grandmaster and creator of Livestream for the Cure – where podcasters gather around the ol’ internet fire and fight to help fund a world without cancer. With that said, we got him on the line with us and we talk about podcasting and running a multi-day event, and what such an event could evolve into.  It’s a really great time with a really great human.

Ok, here we go!

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