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BONUS: Stories To Amaze: Horror!

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It’s time for another edition of STORIES TO AMAZE!

It is a monster of a time as the pair of Hatton and Podcast Rob dive deep into Lovecraftean Lore. Previously only available on our Patreon, this features the whole series in one amazing file!

Beware and be wary…

Ok, here we go!

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BONUS: Stories To Amaze (in Space!)

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Last month we started a brand new Stories to Amaze with the confusing conspiracy that we call D E M – but we’ve been making these radiodramas for a year or two now over on our Patreon.

With so many folks stuck at home, and the rest working during the apocalypse to provide us with ambulances, fast food, and groceries – we thought you all deserve a little extra.

Combined all together into one convenient file, get ready to head off into the deepest reaches of Weird Science with…..

Storiiieees Toooooo Amaaaaaaaze!

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Something Bonus – Stories To Amaze – Episode 1

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So – maybe you didn’t know (you probably do) that we have a Patreon!

And on that Patreon, on the weeks you don’t get a full episode of the SomethingCast, you get OTHER stuff over there.  Every week we’re in your head.

One of those things that we gave you a taste of a couple months ago was our Space Opera – the first installment of Stories To Amaze.

Well as we are now near ending that first story and are in the process of recording and editing the second story.. we figured we should give you a taste.

So here it is for your approval.  Hope you enjoy.

Full Episode