Avengers: Endgame

Much like Thanos, this review was inevitable.

First, this is a spoiler laden episode. From the Hulk turning purple to Captain America’s cousin Oliver coming in to save the whole of the universe – we pull no punches on the talk, so if you haven’t gotten to Endgame yet, sit this one out for now.

Beyond that, we’re doing what we do – and that’s jabber on endlessly about a movie that will change the way we think about movies – only insomuch as we have never ever seen something that took 20+ movies to make and 15 years to see to fruition. Love it or hate it – it is hard to not be impressed.

So join the Somethings for Episode 135 where we discuss at length Endgame – aka – Ant-Man’s Fantastic Voyage.

Well, join Podcast Rob and Hatton on Episode 134as they deep dive into the documentary Behind The Curve, available on Netflix, which discusses the possibility that this planet we all know and love (planet here meaning a celestial body moving in an elliptical orbit around a star.)

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