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That’s right. The Titanic is setting sail again, and this time nothing could go wrong! We have technology and hindsight guaranteeing it will be — what? Global warming? Oh, sunuva…

So get below decks and join the Somethings as we journey around the Arctic Circle looking for fun and love in the craziest of places. We’re rich, relatable, and beyond reproach.. everything is gonna be great!

Now let’s light up this cigar and smoke it (something people obviously say all of the time) on 1-Star Movie Review: Titanic 2

Ok, here we go!

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[ELEVATOR PITCH] Movie Prequel w/ Kevin Gootee

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Another week – another elevator – another big time CEO with a big check – it’s like we’re on a rotating schedule. If only we could go back before….

AND WE CAN! This week, we are pitching movie Prequels – stories before the story – and who is our guest CEO? It’s none other than Gutting The Sacred Cow host, stand-up, and friend of the Somethings, Kevin Gootee 

So hop into your podracer, fire up the Prometheus, or learn why Snakes? why did it have to be snakes, and maybe how they got on that mo’fo’in plane!

It’s time for Elevator Pitch: Prequels

Ok, here we pre-go!

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Not all shows are created equal. Some shows are brilliant and stay that way throughout. Others go out into the woods to become lumberjacks.

This week we are taking it to the dark passenger and his damp serial killer, Dexter Morgan. When it all began, was it good? Does it hold up? What did we notice this time that we never noticed before? Lastly, is it worth going back to?

So follow the Somethings down to Miami as we talk The Beginning: Dexter

Ok, here we go!

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Top Celebrity Roast Lines


Comedy Central wasn’t the first people to do roasts.. the celebrity roast is a time honored tradition that goes back to a time when there were only four celebrities, so they each took turns making fun of each other.

Well, nowadays, everyone is a celebrity and we can make fun of them forever. So join the Somethings as we look back at some of the best single lines from roasts. From the roasters and toasters to the utterly burned – we’re talking our favorite Celebrity Roast Lines.

Ok, here we go, a family walks into a talent agency and says ‘Have I got an act for you…’

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[5TH WHEEL] Dreamcasting: X-Men

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For the first time in 2024 we have a 5 week month – and we’re taking another thing we did and putting it here so we don’t do it that much because we do one of those things a lot more.  Make sense? You don’t care, it’s fine.

So we have The Wheel out of mothballs and that means we are spinning it to a topic which leads us to the wacky world of Marvel Mutants. The X-Movies are coming, so who could play the first class of DizMar Mutants?  Well we’ll lay out our teams and you can go to all of our social media and tell us which one is right.

So join me, my X-Men as we go to the 5th Wheel: Dreamcasting X-Men


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[1-STAR MOVIE REVIEW] 2012 Doomsday

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A scattered group of people all feel a pull to go to one place. They travel by car, plane, sneaker, and bicycle like some sort of dystopian It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World all to reveal what has happened to a world on the brink of devastation.

Do not miss the Amy Dolenz vehicle, and our review of: 1-Star Movie Review: 2012 Doomsday

Now, are you the type of person that wants to see the movie after knowing how amazing it is?  Well if you would like… here you go.

Ready? Ok, here we g… where did we go?

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In a post-Lost world, a lot of television shows came through the lens flaired hands of J.J. Abrams on his journey to screwing up Star Trek and leaving the bones of Star Wars to bleach in the pretty, yet confusing red sand. Fringe may be the show he is lauded for the least, but is that the way it should be?

A mix between X-Files and a procedural, Fringe gave us 5 seasons… but how did it begin?

Join us as we follow the wacky antics of crazypants science that is The Beginning: Fringe

Ok, Stranger, here we go!

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[ELEVATOR PITCH] Theme Restaurant w/ Matt & Becky

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It’s time again for the Somethings to head to Big Money Tower – what are we pitching this time? THEME RESTAURANTS.. and no, we don’t mean we’re going to put local sports teams on the wall and random bric-a-brac we found at the thrift. We’re going all out with full immersion experiences looking for that big check.

And who is providing the big check this week? Well, none other than two of our favorite people, of Pre-Recorded Live, it’s Matt & Becky!

If you are in the Ohio area, you should check out Mysteries Ink where the pair are part of a murder… most… foul.

Before that though, settle in as we wine and dine these two and see which one of us wins Elevator Pitch: Theme Restaurant

Ok, here w- wait are we splitting the check?

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Snopes 2023

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We’re back!

It’s been a bit since we had a new episode for you – besides the special PAX episodes… and the Christmas Party… ok, look, even when we take a break we’re on break with mics in our hand. That said, we have returned to our regularly scheduled Something with our mostly yearly round-up of some of the stories that took the year by storm – and by storm, I mean confused your Gramma on Facebook.

Which ones are real? Which ones are fake? Which ones are a secret mindcrime built by the establishment to stop the 5g chips in your teeth?

Find out on our Snopes 2023 Roundup!

Ok, here we go?  VERIFIED

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[BEST OF 2023] Elevator Pitch: Job Shows


Ending the year with our favorite episode – it was a unanimous decision. Both Rob and James get together and invent their own new television show.. where the prizes are weird and the reasons are stupid.

It is hands down our favorite from the year, so we’ll see you next week with something new – but until then, enjoy and Happy New Year!

Original Post:

The Wheel is back, and it’s got a job to do…

Ok, it doesn’t, that would be weird, it’s a Wheel. It has a job, and it does it well. We spin it, and it gives us the week’s topic.  The topic though, well that’s a different job entirely.  You see, if you have watched any television in the last twenty years, you have seen, at some point, a show about bakers or flower arrangers or glass blowers or taxis.  Doing your boring-ass day job probably has its own channel on Pluto, so what happens when the Somethings get to make their own?

It’s a brand new episode of The Wheel – Elevator Pitch

Ok, here we g…..are you ready to face 5 other chat format podcasts on… PodWars!

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